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  • lou

    Punch them in the face

  • Anthony

    Tried nearly all these things with a bully in the second grade. Wanna know what worked?
    On my way home from school he tried to push me over on my bike, I grabbed him by his backpack, threw him down and began punching him in the face until the crossing guard pulled me off. I broke his nose and got suspended for two weeks, upon coming back – the kid wouldn’t say a damn word to me. No one is willing to say this in articles or nearly anywhere else, but kicking a bullys ass is by far the best and most gratifying way to make it stop.

  • Esther Nelson

    Fight back. Sometimes physical fighting is not plausible if the guy (or girl) is a lot bigger than you, so be ready with utterly smartass psychological names to humiliate him/her in front of their friends. Tell them you know a good shrink who can help them with anger management before they end up in jail. Use big words. Bullies usually like audiences to impress with their machismo (yeah, the gang girls, too), so hit them back where they are weakest. A way to avoid school bullies is to take food that those dumbshits don’t like, like more sophisticated grub. Tell them it’s agave worm sauce on your noodles (instead of the bean sprouts in the marinara). “Yum, delicious. Wanna try some?”

  • Baby Rottie

    I got bullied starting in 2nd grade, and it wasn’t just one person. It was closer to ten. I finally got tired of it and punched the worst of the bullies when he shoved me. I kept punching until a teacher pulled me. The bullying stopped after that. It started up again in high school (new town) and the same thing happened: I fought back and people left me alone after that.

    Allowing a bully to change your routine, your lunch preferences (bringing a lunch instead of buying), or trying to remove all the “triggers” will not do anything except make it worse. The bully will see how much you change trying to make yourself less of a target and it makes you look weak-willed and you become that much easier to pick on.

  • Harley

    I think that we should stand up and help fight bullying.