Best Ways to Stop Bullying: Top 10 How Tos

Bullying can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Unfortunately bullies can be found all over world and they usually tend to hurt those who weak such as kids and young people. Aside from causing physical hurt, bullying involves teasing, spreading rumors, verbal harassment as well as excluding or ganging up on someone. Bullying other people in a lot of cases is like an addiction and its victims usually feel lonely, hopeless, afraid and hurt that can remain for a lifetime, therefore it should not be ignored. Read on to find out some of the top ways to stop bullying.

Best Ways to Stop Bullying

Best Ways to Stop Bullying

10. Tell Someone on Bullies

This is the most important step to take if you want to stop a bullies or being bullied on. Bullies usually want their victims to feel ashamed and too threatened that they should even think about telling someone about their situation. But, it’s always best to talk to an adult, be it a teacher, counselor or parent. You should never try to handle a bully on your own especially if this person is becoming more and more violent.

9. Find Ways to Avoid the Bully

The aim is to maintain your regular routine, while trying to avoid all possible situations where your bully normally picks on you. For instance, you could take another route when going home if the bully generally harasses you after school.

8. Never Fight Back with the Bully

When you fight back, you will play right into your bully’s hand. If you react violently to bullying, this could make the problem become more serious. You want to stand up for yourself without being too antagonistic. If you are a student, you can join groups and take part in other activities to ignore the bullying behavior instead of retaliating.

7. Remove Bullying Triggers

If you take away the things which trigger the bully’s behavior towards more aggression, you can stop the harassment. For example, you or child could bring lunch to school if your money tends to be the trigger that makes the bully more aggressive.

6 Control Emotions or Feelings

This is one of the top ways to stop bullying. Never show a bully your true emotions or feelings. Don’t let them sense how bad they are affecting you. If you feel like crying, wait until you are out of the bully’s sight.

5. Find a Friend

Try to have a friend beside you at all times. Bullies generally pick on the weakest persons, so you will be much safer if you are walking with one or two friends, a witness, someone who can share your experiences with you and when the time of questioning comes the bully will have to tell the truth.

4. Be Brave But not Aggressive

Sometimes individuals who act brave are able to stop bullies. If you can stay calm without backing down, your bully will know that you are able to standup for yourself. A brave face is always better than showing fear.

3. Improve Self-Confidence

Bullies often stop in their tracks when people have a strong self-confidence to show. So, improving your confidence can keep you from becoming a potential target. A good recommendation is to get involved in activities that will make you feel good about yourself.

2. Walk Away

It will take a lot of self-confidence for you to walk away, but this approach can stop bullying attacks. Moreover, walking away will send a clear message that you really don’t care about the bully or his/her actions.

1. Become a Friend

Support a friend who is being bullied and do your best to support him or her. When you do this, the bully will know that his peer will not tolerate such behavior. Who knows, this same friend could save you from bullying in the future.

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  • lou

    Punch them in the face

  • Anthony

    Tried nearly all these things with a bully in the second grade. Wanna know what worked?
    On my way home from school he tried to push me over on my bike, I grabbed him by his backpack, threw him down and began punching him in the face until the crossing guard pulled me off. I broke his nose and got suspended for two weeks, upon coming back – the kid wouldn’t say a damn word to me. No one is willing to say this in articles or nearly anywhere else, but kicking a bullys ass is by far the best and most gratifying way to make it stop.

  • Esther Nelson

    Fight back. Sometimes physical fighting is not plausible if the guy (or girl) is a lot bigger than you, so be ready with utterly smartass psychological names to humiliate him/her in front of their friends. Tell them you know a good shrink who can help them with anger management before they end up in jail. Use big words. Bullies usually like audiences to impress with their machismo (yeah, the gang girls, too), so hit them back where they are weakest. A way to avoid school bullies is to take food that those dumbshits don’t like, like more sophisticated grub. Tell them it’s agave worm sauce on your noodles (instead of the bean sprouts in the marinara). “Yum, delicious. Wanna try some?”

  • Baby Rottie

    I got bullied starting in 2nd grade, and it wasn’t just one person. It was closer to ten. I finally got tired of it and punched the worst of the bullies when he shoved me. I kept punching until a teacher pulled me. The bullying stopped after that. It started up again in high school (new town) and the same thing happened: I fought back and people left me alone after that.

    Allowing a bully to change your routine, your lunch preferences (bringing a lunch instead of buying), or trying to remove all the “triggers” will not do anything except make it worse. The bully will see how much you change trying to make yourself less of a target and it makes you look weak-willed and you become that much easier to pick on.