How to Answer and Deal with an Ignorant Person | Top 5 Picks

Almost all of us at some point or another have come across an ignorant questioner like a child who is used to repeating one word over and over as he asks “why?” or after being proven wrong about a subject he or she then goes back in circles and asks the first question in discussion or one who no matter how many facts and reason is used against still will not budge from his position. Unfortunately, some of these people are so badly inoculated with wrong perceptions and see the world around them so irrationally that cannot possibly understand the truth of a factual explanation. Does dealing with ignorant people bother you? Are you scrambling to find an avenue to convince a fool? For this reason I have listed the best and most effective ways to answer an ignorant person, however, still open to more suggestions.

deal with an ignorant person

1. If an ignorant and foolish person questions you, stay quiet:

Sometimes “silence speak louder than words” and seems to be the best option; staying quite and just plainly looking at the ignorant individual usually works well. If you have to put up with people like that, the trick is that you should stay quite as long as possible until he/she finishes his/her vain rant or move to another subject. Don’t forget to nod your head and roll your eyes once in a while.

2. Answer the ignorant question while facing another person:

If an ignorant person is not necessarily a talkative person but only asks very foolish questions without paying proper attention to your responses, answer them facing a third person who is hopefully a bit more wiser. Once the response is not directed to them they usually feel intellectually challenged and try harder in understanding them.

3. Offer the Ignorant external sources of knowledge and references:

Most ignorant people also happen to be the most arrogant ones. A lot of the times arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand, so try not to step on their ego. If you truly want to educate a fool about the reality of a subject, offer them choices of information to review. Use terms like “I can’t explain this subject that well but try reading such and such book or watching such and such documentary” or “I really don’t have all the answer but look take a look at…”. Your aim is no to make it a personal challenge but make it seem that you really care about correcting their false point of view; don’t sound like the I-know-it-all type of person.

4. Listen to their stupid and ignorant remarks, remember them and answer later:

Ignorant people usually spew out words without having any clear proof or regard about their implications. They claim that things are as they say because, well because they think things truly are as they say they are. However, they are the type of people who tend to contradict themselves on many issues and on different occasions. So take their point of view – with a nod and a pair of pressed lips – but remember them and exercise option 1 in staying quiet for a while. Upon another meeting if they bring forth a different point of view on the same subject, remind them of their previous outlook on the issue; “Gotcha!”

5. Say peace to the ignorant and walk away:

This is the best last resort. If the person is vulgar, disrespectful or completely illogical and foolish, just say “peace” or “peace to you my dear friend!” and leave, as if you do not even want to consider listening to their hellos and goodbyes. Leave and save yourself before you waste another precious minute of your time.

In any event always remember that the wise learns from the fool (and the ignorant) more than the fool learns from the wise, because otherwise the fool would kill the wise in his ignorance.

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