How to Wake Up Easier When Your Alarm Goes Off | Top 10 Tip to Stop Snoozing NOW

If you are on this page looking for ways on how to wake up easier without snoozing then chances are that you are finding it difficult to wake up in the morning to your alarm, eve after it goes off for the second, third and fourth time. You snooze again and again and your alarm goes off again and again, while and you find yourself still in bed begging for another 5 minutes of extra sleeping time in your warm and cozy bed. Unfortunately, like a lot of people you will find that after you have repeatedly pressed the snooze button, you are either late for work, missed your class or have missed your bus.

How to Wake Up Easier When Your Alarm Goes off

If you need help to get up and start your day on time, we have the right top 10 list here for you. Read through it and start applying so that hopefully you can start waking up easier.

10. Have Someone Wake You Up (a Bucket of Water Works Well)

Water SpraySet your alarm clock for your wake up time but additionally have a family member or a friend to either physically check up on you or call you a few minutes after your alarm set time. Tell them to be persistent and keeping calling until you get up and get out of bed. If all fails give them the permission to pure some cold water right over your head. Sometimes a stubborn snoozer needs a shocker like that.

Some Splash of Water - How to Wake up Easier

Some Splash of Water – How to Wake up Easier

9. How About a “Target Alarm Clock”

Wake up to targetThe inventors of Target Alarm Clock have found a very good trick to make you more alert when your alarm goes off. How about this, when this alarm goes off what you have to do to turn it off is to aim and shoot at the bull’s eye. Now if you’re the one to keep snoozing and sleeping in, the chances are your senses and your focus ain’t working 100% when you wake up. That’s why this genius alarm clock belongs to our list of top 10 ways to wake up easier.

Target Alarm Clock - How to Wake up Easier

Target Alarm Clock – How to Wake up Easier

8. Start Going To Bed at an Early Time

Clock-RunningOK you could have probably guessed that this was coming, but it is just simple logic that one of the best ways to wake up in easier in the morning is to get a good night sleep. Any time after ten o’clock is considered late. This means no more late night television watching or any other activities. If you want to catch your favorite TV show why not recording it and watching it the next day at an earlier time. If you want to find out how to wake up easier when your alarm goes off you need to make some sacrifices and watching less TV late at night is one of them.

7. Set Alarm Clock for a Few Minutes Earlier

Earlier Alarm ClockTry setting the alarm for about ten minutes ahead of the time you think you should wake up. Do this gradually until your body adjusts to the new time. This way even if you snooze a few times, you are still in the safe time zone; the act of snoozing will wake up your sense but you won’t lose precious time. As you do this day by day, the earlier waking time will come to you naturally and you will snooze less.

6. Sit Up, Get Out of Bed and Chase “Rocky”

WheelWhen this alarm clock goes off you will find yourself sitting up straight trying to find the snooze button. But wait Rocky Alarm is on Wheels and running away from your bed. You can now rub your eyes, stretch out your arms and start the chase. Who knows where this will take you as Rocky the Alarm will take you. The good thing is that by the time you manage to catch Rocky you will be wide awake and (will) have done some morning exercise.

Rocky Alarm - How to Wake Up Easier When Your Alarm Goes Off

Rocky Alarm – How to Wake Up Easier When Your Alarm Goes Off

5. Place Alarm Clock Far Away From Bed

Alarm Away From BedThis is another simple tip on how to wake up easier when your alarm goes off in the morning; just put your alarm clock far away from your bed, so that you would actually have to get out of bed, walk a few steps to actually  reach to your alarm and silence it. Remember to place it the furthest end of the room or even out your room.

4. Get Multiple Alarm Clocks

Multiple Alarm ClocksPeople who set alarm clocks with different sounds have a much easier time waking up. Why? Simply because the sleeper’s brain usually gets used to snoozing one type of sound and after a while you won’t remember when you actually pressed the snooze button, because you go right back to asleep. Having at least two different alarm sounds trains your brain to snooze to one and wake up to the either; great psychological achievement to get you snoozers out of bed.

3. Get a LOUD Sonic Bomb Alarm with a Bed Vibrator

Bomb Alarm to Get out of BedIf you are really having trouble even hearing your alarm then we have the best recommendation for you here; try one of the most popular alarm clocks called Sonic Boom Alarm (the Bomb). This popular alarm clock will surely get you out of bed with its powerful bed vibrator, loud (but adjustable) sound. Good luck sleeping in!

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock - How to Wake up Easier

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock – How to Wake up Easier

2. Make a Routine Wake up Time

Calendar and Alarm - Quick Wake up TipsIt is usually people who have erratic wake up schedule that complain about not being able to get up on time, even after their alarm clock goes off several times. That’s not surprising, because getting out of bed at a different time every day will have an impact on our biologically clock, whereas having a routine wake up time will make it much easier for to depart from your bed. So make an effort to get up a bit earlier on days when you can actually sleep-in. Start by waking up half an hour to an hour earlier on the weekends (or any one of your off days), keep pushing it back and you will soon see how much easier it will become when you actually have to wake up to your alarm.

1. Get Excited About Your Day: How to Wake Up Easier

Excited Ideas on How to Wake up EasierNothing will work better than this one to get you out of your bed but at the same time it is the hardest to do. Before giving the details let us mention that one of the main reasons why people have such a hard time getting out of bed is because they are not looking forward to their day; that’s a fact. If you had something exciting to do the next day – something that you can’t for;- start of a vacation, meeting your old friend –, you most certainly will NOT need an alarm the morning of. You can bet that you will be up even before the time you need to; little explanation is required here, you know what I mean we have all been there. So what heavy snoozers need is to plan something exciting in their daily schedule for each and every day. This could be something as simple as going for walk, or working out at the gym. Think about what could excite you to wake earlier in the morning; something that is besides your daily job and chores.

Put them to Work and Start Getting Up Easier and Earlie

Hope this list of top 10 tips on how to wake up easier can help you get out of bed on time. But keep in mind that we are all different individuals and thus need to determine how much sleep our body needs and plan accordingly. Start your day as soon as the alarm goes off. Eventually you will wake up without morning drowsiness and feel well-rested throughout your day. Let us know how you have helped yourself get up on time.

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