List of Most Common Phobias | Top 10 Popular Fears

A phobia is commonly referred to an out of proportion fear in an individual based on an extreme and uncontrollable emotional reaction towards something or someone. Many people would actually admit to having phobias to certain degrees, which can range from phobias of snakes (ophiophobia) to phobia of injections (trypanophobia). However, most people do not really become overly obsessive with these types of fears. The following is a list of top ten most common phobias, which was reported by the National Phobics Society. It is also important to keep in mind that the top ten list of phobias is not really a fixed or static ranking as new phobias such as “nonophobia” the very popular fear of being out of cellphone contact are discovered each year.

10- Fear of Heights

common phobias

Phobia of heights has three medical names: Acrophobia, Altophobia or hypsiphobia. People who develop this kind of fear refuse to climb any type of man-made or natural structure like tall buildings or mountains. Although there are various levels and degrees to this fear, people who suffer from fear of heights share two major causes for their panics; they either are fearful of the structure to collapse from underneath or above them or they are afraid of falling for any reason. Most people who have phobia of heights find it even hard to look at other individuals at elevated positions.

9- Fear of Blushing

common phobias

This strange but popular phobia is also commonly known as Erythrophobia. As strange as it sounds individuals who blush excessively can become self-conscious and therefore develop this type of phobia, which makes their blushing problem even worse. Blushing is usually caused when the small blood vessels in the face dilate. Initially people become so determined to control their “embarrassing” blushing flashes but as this goes on with no obvious success, it turns into a major dilemma, a fear and a phobia.

8- Fear of Flying

common phobias

Phobia of flying, also known as aviatophobia, is probably one of the best known phobias. Fear of flying could be a distinct phobia by itself or it could be an indirect combination a few other phobias related to flying like fear of enclosed spaces fear of heights. However, most people refuse to fly on a plane because they believe that something could go wrong to cause a airplane crash. Interestingly and statistically it is more likely for a person to crash and die in a car accident than in an airplane crash

7- Fear of Animals

common phobias

Animal phobia is also known as Zoophobia. Many people have fears of certain animals, not necessarily because of the dangers that particular animal poses, but usually because they had one bad experience, had a nightmare or seen a disturbing movie and therefore are freaked of that animal. Most of us are fearful of approaching a lion in the open, because, well, for personal safety, but what makes animal phobia different is that a person cannot even look at picture of a lion or hear people talk about it due to previously irritating experience.

6- Fear of Illness

common phobias

Illness phobia is also medically known as Hypochondriasis or hypochondria. A person suffering from this phobia is known as a hypochondriac. Hypochondriacs usually become alarmed about any physical symptoms they detect from the bodies. Regardless of the insignificance of their symptoms, they are convinced that they have come down or are in a process of catching a serious disease. Since young doctors and medical students study many disease and symptom, they are usually prone to developing the phobia of illness, which mostly will able to recover from over time.

5- Fear of Insects

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Insect phobia is also known as entemophobia. Most commonly known type of this fear is of course the phobia of spiders. The symptoms associated with this phobia are quite like the symptoms seen with many other irrational fears. An entomophobic is likely to experience extreme anxiety upon viewing or worse yet coming into contact with an insect. In extremely serious cases an individual may start crying intensely and could even lose consciousness for a period of time.

4 Fear of Confined spaces

common phobias

There are four different medical names for phobia of confined spaces; Claustrophobia, Cleisiophobia, Cleithrophobia or Clithrophobia. This popular phobia usually is caused by two major fears: fear of restriction and fear of suffocation. People who develop fear of confined spaces find it very hard to be in places like caves, trains, planes small rooms, buses, tunnels and elevators whether they with other people or alone.

3- Fear of Vomiting

common phobias

Also known as emetophobia or emitophobia, this phobia refers to the anxiety or fear of vomiting in public, seeing vomit or watching the action of vomiting from another person. There has been limited research done on the nature and causes of this phobia even though it is considered as one of the top 10 most common phobias in the world. Some doctors believe that many children who suffer from phobia of vomiting may actually be mentally disabled and many adults are affected as a result of having a gastrointestinal surgery.

2- Fear of Driving

common phobias

As of 2010 there are no set medical term for fear of driving but at number two this fear sits pretty high in the phobia-ranking list. You might know of a few people who are extremely reluctant to drive a car, just the thought of pushing on the gas pedal and steering an automobile bothers them.

1- Fear of Open spaces

common phobias

Most common and popular phobia is the fear of open spaces, which goes by three medical names: Agoraphobia, Cenophobia or Kenophobia. Most people are surprised to find that Fear of open spaces is actually on top the phobia list and is more widespread than phobia of confined spaces.  People suffering from this type of phobia usually avoid large and open spaces where there’s a few or no place to hide. These places are usually open public places like the airports or the shopping malls but a panic attack may also happen in open fields, at beaches or out in the seas. This phobia is more popular in women between the ages of 20 to 40 years old.

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What is your most dreaded phobia? don’t hesitate to do share with us in the comment section below…unless of course you have a phobia of commenting :)

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    My daughter is developementally disabled and she has so much trouble with her mensus.
    Worries about cleaning up all the blood. It really is diffcult. Should she have the deprovera shot?Thank you

    • Admin


      Sorry to hear about your daughter, I cannot give you professional advice and I suggest you seek the opinion of multiple doctors, but accept my sincere prayers to for daughters recovery.

  • sz

    This was a very surprising list. Fear of heights is a given (in fact I’m surprised it’s not #1 or #2), but fear of driving at #2? And fear of open spaces at #1? With such results, frankly I would be questionable about the validity of the report….

  • sz

    * I would question, that is.