Top 10 Best Boxing Legends List

We have always been fascinated with the best boxing legends list. Over the years boxing has produced many greats and titles in a variety of weight classes; from the light-weight to welter-weight, middle-weight to the king of all boxing classes the heavyweight. Boxers are known for their charisma, physical strength and endurance as well as their will to overcome difficult battles. Yet, even the best boxers don’t always succeed; most boxing careers are full of ups and downs while many careers end with painful defeats. Even so, boxers do more than just entertain fans as many boxing legends have shown that it is possible to succeed with dedication and hard work.

Best Boxing Legends List

As one of the most popular sports on earth, boxing attracts many fans that’s why below in this top ten article you can find a list with the top 10 boxing legends of all time.

10. Sugar Ray Robinson

Boxing Legends List - Sugar Ray Robinson

Boxing Legends List – Sugar Ray Robinson

In the 1950s, Robinson was named the fighter of the decade and he participated in light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight as well as the lightweight matches. He won the world middleweight championship five times. Many boxing greats have acknowledged that Robinson is one of the best boxers ever. Sugar Ray fought a total of 202 fights, out of which he won 175.

9. Joe Louis

Boxing Legends List - Joe Louis

Boxing Legends List – Joe Louis

Besides Jack Johnson, his predecessor, Joe Louis broke down tough barriers for African-Americans to participate in this sport who used to be dominated by white Americans. His career started in 1934 and astonishingly three years later he earned a world championship title. Louis retained this title for eleven years after and he retired from boxing in 1947 as one of the best boxing legends in history.

8. Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing Legends List - Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing Legends List – Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray was the fifth child amongst 7 siblings, who started his boxing training at the age of 13 in 1969. In 1979, Leonard won the welterweight world championship title at the Olympics. Even though he was defeated a few times during his career, Leonard’s many successes and his unique style are celebrated in boxing sport by many.

7. Rocky Marciano

Boxing Legends List - Rocky Marciano

Boxing Legends List – Rocky Marciano

With a record for 49-0 with 43 knockouts altogether, Marciano is the only heavyweight champion in professional boxing history who went undefeated in all his matches and was able to successfully defeat his title 6 times over.

6. Mike Tyson

Boxing Legends List - Mike Tyson

Boxing Legends List – Mike Tyson

For some people, Tyson should not in the list of top 10 boxing legends list and for many he should be even higher up with the greatest, but his record speaks for itself. Although he is often left out or snubbed from most lists, Iron Mike Tyson has amassed a buzz and a carried with himself a celebrated fear factor unlike any other boxer. Boxing during the years of 1985 to 2005, he recorded 50 wins: 44 KO, 6 losses and 2NC. Throughout his youthful years he was a ferocious boxer with powerfully fast knock out punches that was the scare of anyone on the ring. Mike Tyson was the youngest boxer ever to earn a heavyweight champion title.

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5. Roberto Duran

Boxing Legends List - Roberto Duran

Boxing Legends List – Roberto Duran (Left)

This boxing legend from Panama was the only professional boxer who came second in history for fighting in 5 different decades before astonishingly retiring at age 50 in 2002. Duran held four world titles at different weights; middleweight, junior middleweight, welterweight and lightweight. Duran was selected for the 5th spot on the list of “The Greatest Fighter of the Last 80 Years” By the Ring Magazine and that’s why we have chosen to give him the 5th spot as well.

4. George Foreman

Boxing Legends List - George Foreman

Boxing Legends List – George Foreman (Left)

Although today he is mostly known for his line of Foreman products, throughout his career, George Foreman amassed a great round of wins and knockouts. The record for this boxing legend stands at 76 and 5 with 68 knockouts. When he was just starting his career in boxing, Foreman defeated the great Joe Frazier but was then beaten by Ali in 1975 in a historically epic and memorable match. At age 45, he defeated Michael Moorer to not only earn the heavyweight title but was also become the oldest boxer with a successful comeback in history of boxing.

3. Joe Frazier

Boxing Legends List - Jeo Frazier

Boxing Legends List – Jeo Frazier

One cannot produce a top 10 boxing legends list without mentioning the great Joe Frazier who was an extremely talented and successful boxer. With his sharp punches and quick boxing abilities, Frazier was probably the best and the most worthy opponent for Ali who he gave a run for his money. When Muhammad was suspended due to his refusal to take part in war in Vietnam, Frazier earned the world championship title.

2. Jack Johnson

Boxing Legends List - Jack Johnson

Boxing Legends List – Jack Johnson

With a similar confidence like Muhammad Ali, Johnson’s boxing style showed cleverness as well as a lightning speed. The Great White Hope is a movie that was made based on Johnson’s life as professional boxer, as he was the first African-American to get a heavyweight championship title. Amidst a lot of struggle, he was the most popular and hated boxer at the same time, an athlete who remained undefeated for more than a decade.

1. Muhammad Ali

Boxing Legends List - Muhammad Ali

Boxing Legends List – Muhammad Ali

Where can we even begin with this boxing legend? Ali was the greatest of all boxers, the king of kings on the ring and without a doubt his name will come up in every conversation about the boxing legends for years to come. With a very illustrious career, he was the first professional boxer to earn and reclaim the world heavyweight title 3 times. Ali was a dynamic character both on and off the ring; he was bold and controversial, while extremely talented in the sport, dominating it for years and producing great fights that will never get old to watch.

Even though the top 10 boxing legends lists are always open for debates, there is no doubt that most people will agree that the above mentioned boxers are some of the greatest boxers of all times. Moreover, all the boxers mentioned in here are recognized worldwide for their personal achievements.

Top 10 Heavy Weight Boxing Legends of All Times

Before we end let’s also play a video on the top 10 heavy weight boxing legends in case we missed any great ones in ranking for all classes and weights. Enjoy!

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