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  • Kristen Montag

    Minneapolis actually has more than 80 miles of off-street trails and over 80 miles of on-street bikeways. The Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, alone, is 50 miles. Thanks!

  • frank

    I disagree with 4 highly.

    • anon

      Having been to austin many times before…Augusta should not be so close to austin on a “best american cities to live in” list…

  • mball572

    Whoever wrote that article on Augusta must have been have been smoking the crack he bought from the gang bangers downtown. What a $ it hole and a murder rate 2x Seattle and a quarter of the size. And Southern charm = bigotry and being cheap to live doesn’t make it good. Where did this site come from anyway????

  • Roger

    #4 has got to be a joke. Crime and Corruption capital of the South is more like it.

  • Liz Grohl

    I’ve been to Augusta, GA and it does not deserve to be on any “Best of” list. Well maybe, Best Place to get diabetes or best place to get carjacked.

  • Wtfukidding?

    Ok, so this is supposed to be a ranking of affordable places to live, right? Why do you have Honolulu listed at #6. It has to be one of the most expensive cities in America to live in. Housing is definitely not affordable in Honolulu. I guess Augusta might be cheap, but who in their right mind would want to live there? I have always heard it called Disgusta. Whoever came up with this list needs to do some homework,

  • CrayCray

    Augusta, GA ranked as 4th best city in America? Honolulu on a list of cities with affordable housing? What crack head came up with this list?

  • Travis W

    I’ve always heard Augusta called Disgusta. Sometimes when a city has lots of affordable housing it is for a reason, you get what you pay for.

  • Jlat

    Why are people so butt-hurt about Augusta being 4th? This list is alright; the author explains why he thinks the list is accurate. Even if his standards aren’t the same as most, people don’t have to complain in every comment. Also Boulder is an awesome city, I like how it’s number 1

  • Gerry H

    How in the world did Augusta, GA end up on this list? I could see a 10 worst places to live.

  • LeslieKnope

    Augusta is a wonderful place to live, we moved back here from Chattanooga years ago and plan on staying til we retire. The comments regarding Augusta are unfair. Only children call Augusta, disgusta. Not everyone is going to love every city, but you have a choice I where you live, so don’t live here if you don’t like it. Every city has cons, but the pros, the culture, downtown Augusta, the people far outweigh the cons. Get over yourselves. It’s the Pawnee of Georgia.

    • Tom


  • natalie

    tbh…..augusta is a serious shit hole. Who the fuck created this list?

  • Daryl B

    Augusta? Seriously? Is this some kind of Onion style parody article? I was stationed in Augusta as an army lieutenant and could nit wait to be transferred. The city is a serious Hell hole with a lot of racist bigots who are still living 50 years in the past. Plus the school system is one of the worst in the nation.

    • SelenaMillieux

      oh my goodness,i am keeping away from Augusta

  • Karen Gordon

    Augusta = Disgusta. It has earned its nickname for a good reason. Spend more than a week there and you will see why.

  • CastroSon

    4 is very wrong. It’s dirty, GHETTO, and people are not very nice there. Lived there for 15 years….there are way better places to live!!!!

  • Freddy G

    Augusta is a shit hole. Who did their mayor have to screw to get them on this list?

  • dentaldoc

    I have lived in Augusta for 40 years. Although we have the resources to live elsewhere, we appreciate the low cost of living, slower-paced lifestyle, access to good medical facilities, and wide open spaces as all the reason we need to stay. We are easy driving distance from Atlanta, Savannah, and Charleston if we want a change of pace.

  • OwenCali45

    I have never been to Augusta, GA so I have no opinion about the place but with so many people disagreeing with it being on this list, it must not be a very nice place to live.

  • Stuart Wallace

    I agree with most of the cities on this list except for #4. I lived in Augusta for 5 years and could not wait to leave. It is not a pleasant place to live. It is hot and humid 7 months out of the year. The public schools are horrific. The local government is corrupt and incompetent. It looks very ghetto. There is only one shopping mall and one decent movie theater. The downtown is dead and not safe to visit at night. The air smells like farts. The majority of the population are racist bigots and.or religious zealots. Augusta may be a cheap place to live, but I would gladly pay more to live almost anywhere else.

    • Cole Malcom

      that actually makes a lot of sense.. and i live outside of it lol

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  • Michael

    I was born and raised in Augusta…I can assure you it has some of the meanest, trashiest people in the USA. The downtown area could be nice but the thugs have made it a decaying dead zone. It’s sort of like the way New York looks in the movie I Am Legend.

    • Jimmy

      That’s an exaggeration about town i was just there. The rest can be true. Born and raised. Im just gonna accept the nod

  • Jason F

    Boulder is one of the worst cities to live in. People are rude, houses and townhomes and apartments are very very high priced. I worn you to not go.

  • Marilyn Sanjurjo

    I would never live in Augusta I live in Savannah because spouse is station here through Military, people are rude & this place sucks!!!!

  • Whole Augusta

    Augusta is a growing, vibrant, and great city to live in.

  • Zerah

    Augusta does have some good points. There’s a lot of history there if you know where to look and the city is trying hard to clean itself up. I still wouldn’t walk down Broad Street on a friday night but it’s a work in progress. Artist’s Row is particularly nice lately. And, Augusta has some of the best medical care on the east coast. My sister would’ve died if it hadn’t been for the specialist at MCG.
    But I do have to agree for the time being, Augusta is a crap hole. 😛

  • David Woods

    This is someone’s sales and con job.

  • nana

    well i know where im not going

  • Cole Malcom

    i live right outside augusta ill agree it shouldn’t even be on the list probably. augusta has plenty of ups and downs but in recent years its just been getting worse over there i only go in the city for the gun stores.

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  • George

    Seattle, WA— you must be kidding. I live here now. If you like to make 7$ an hour and see bums on every street corner intercity and out. Even though some big companies are here there is no way to get into one of those jobs unless you know someone that already work there. We have lived here 8 years and cannot wait to get out. State is only for the employers, The employers can make you do anything they want without your approval or giving more pay. You have no rights here! Believe me! don’t come here unless your already wealthy.