Top 10 Facts about Green Coffee

For many years, most people have been drinking coffee to stay alert during the day, especially in the morning. However, studies have shown that coffee might have many health benefits, especially in its raw form and original color green, so let’s talk about some of the top 10 facts about green coffee. In the last few years, the green coffee has become extremely popular and for good reason. More and more doctors especially those interested in the holistic side of the medicine are documenting its great benefits. The information below will highlight some of the interesting facts about green coffee to help you understand these health benefits.

The green coffee bean extract buzz has become so popular that even Dr. Oz has started talking about it…

10. Green Coffee Source

The green coffee beans are kept in their raw form, which are not roasted. To produce coffee, the green beans go through the process of cleaning, drying, roasting, grounding and brewing.  A lot of the times these process are done through chemical means, which reverse the great health benefits of raw coffee beans.

9. The Green Coffee Extract

Traditionally, the green coffee beans will be roasted after harvest to bring out the bold flavors and dark colors. However, an innovative process is used today to pull the naturally occurring chlorogenic acid and caffeine from the pure arabica green coffee beans. This is done before the beans are roasted and the end result is the green coffee extract with many natural benefits.

8. 100% Drug-Free

Since the coffee is produced from many beneficial herbal extracts it’s totally drug free. There is no need to worry about the health risks because the green beans are free of harmful ingredients and completely natural.

7. Green Coffee as Powerful Antioxidants

The pure green coffee beans extract has chlorigenic acid and many other polyphenolic compounds. These substances are powerful antioxidants which can help fight the free radicals in our blood; a great way to detoxify. The affect is to improve muscle tone and blood circulation, prevent cancer as well as to slow down the process of aging.

6. Weight Loss with Green Coffee Extract

There is a great buzz going on with the natural weight loss effects of green coffee extract. Medical studies show that the green coffee extract can boost fat metabolism and help burn off the carbohydrates and fats in the body. The properties in the coffee will aid in effective weight loss.

5. Balance Blood Sugar and Improve General Body Functionality

The raw green coffee beans extract and other super foods like cinnamon and cacao can stabilize blood sugar levels and improve bodily functions. Studies show that drinking green coffee can help to lower blood pressure, blood glucose levels and prevent visceral fat from building up in the body.

4. Help Exercise Routine

Green coffee has proven to help many people with their exercise routine. The compounds in the green coffee will help to relax the blood vessels and arteries. When exercising during the day, the coffee will help to burn off extra calories.

3. Green: Freshest Way to Deliver Coffee

The green coffee has the advantage of delivering coffee to consumers in the freshest way possible. This is because the green coffee beans will stay fresher for a longer period than their unroasted state. This partly why the make such powerful antioxidants.

2. Increase Energy Level

Again its main ingredient, the chlorogenic acids in green coffee, will prevent the release of glucose and break up the fat cells to increase the body’s energy level. This is especially helpful during rigorous workout as the body will need a lot of energy to avoid fatigue.

1. Many Different Varieties

Facts About Green Coffee Beans

Facts About Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are available in a number of varieties. The most popular ones are the organic, Hawaiian and Jamaican blue mountain. Individuals who are regular coffee drinkers should try switching to its raw format (green) to take advantage of its great health benefits that are provide in its pure raw format.

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