Top 10 Free Energy Systems

With the rising price most energy sources such as oil and gas, many are searching for other alternative and that’s why we have decided to list for you the top 10 free energy systems. Some of these energy systems you may already be familiar with and some you may not. While billion dollar energy companies have been advocated the use of same old non-renewable energy for years, it is time to let everyone know that other sources of free energy systems are available, which are far more efficient that before.

Free Energy Systems

With the arrival of the Internet, more and more people are beginning to find out the truth for themselves in many aspects of life. The truth is that there are many energy devices that produce far more energy than the initial cost put in them. In many cases the out put energy is easy to harvest, it is green and cheap. Why? Because it directly comes from the environment around us and need no further refining and no populating waste is produced. Let’s start:

10. Negative Resistor

Gabriel Kron - Free Energy Systems

Kron Negative Resistor

Gabriel Kron was an engineer who worked for General Electric from 1934 to 1966.  He is famous for inventing the negative resister.  Most resisters take in energy and disperse it into unusable form.  A negative resister acts as a battery.  It receives energy in unusable form, turns it into a different form of energy, and out puts in usable form.  Just imagine the applications for this.

9. Heat Pump

Solar Heater - Free Energy Systems

Solar Heater – Free Energy Systems

The heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another.  It outputs far more energy than you put in, while the rest of the energy is designed to be harvested from the surrounding environment. Heat pumps typically pull heat out of the air where it is free and collect it into usable energy. You provide the small amount of energy to construct the device and get it going, while the environment, when favorable will provide the rest. Solar water heaters are an efficient form of heat pump designed used in many homes today.

8. Henry Moray Energy System

Wave Energy - Free Energy Systems

Wave Energy – Free Energy Systems

Dr. T. Henry Moray was a scientist who developed a way of drawing energy from the environment in a genius way. Today and advanced form of Moray energy system is being using to harvest enormous Wave Power over the ocean and seas. In his lab in Salt Lake City, in the early 1900’s, he was able to produce 50 watts of electricity for several hours. He was lighting up 35 100-watt lamps and a 1200-watt iron with this very device. His system worked by collecting different frequencies from the atmosphere and converting into usable energy.

7. Stanley Meyer Energy System

Stanlely Energy Device - Free Energy Systems

Stanlely Energy Device – Free Energy Systems

Stanley Meyer was a former engineer who invented a way of effectively splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. His process uses a little energy and produced hydrogen readily.  He was able to install his system in a dune buggy and run it on water alone.  The U.S. Army was interested in his invention and it is reported that at one time, he was offered one billion dollars to discontinue his unit. He refused and claimed that he was poisoned at a meeting in a restaurant with some prospective clients on March 21, 1998.

6. Motionless Electromagnetic Bearden

MEG - Free Energy Systems

MEG – Free Energy Systems

This system was invented by Thomas Bearden, who was a Colonel in the Army and worked in the missile field. As a gifted physicist Bearden, working with colleagues, created the MEG. MEG stands for Motionless Electromagnetic Generator. They constructed this device with the some variety of materials and a collection of ideas. When it is running by itself, without any external source of energy, it produces 100 times more power than they put in.

5. John Bedini Free Energy System

John Bedini - Free Energy Systems

John Bedini – Free Energy Systems

In the middle of our list of top 10 free energy systems sits John Bedini’s famous acoustic free energy device. Bedini developed a technology that enabled him to create motors that run independently, when started, and can continually charge batteries while running. John built a small unit that he had on the lower level of his bench and astonishingly ran it for 6 years without stopping.

4. Tesla Generator

Tesla Generator - Free Energy Systems

Tesla Generator – Free Energy Systems

Tesla Generator was designed and built by a genius engineer named Nikola Tesla. This device was designed in such a way that it input energy from the earth while strumming the standing wave of the earth. He got back much more energy outputted than he put in. Although it is not being talked about in the mainstream media, many people are using the Tesla Generator to produce free energy for variety of uses.

3. Water Mill or Water Turbines

Water Turbine - Free Energy Systems

Water Turbine – Free Energy Systems

Water mill has been one of the most ancient methods of harvesting free energy. They now exist in the form of water turbine generators, which can vary in size. Some of these free energy devices are so small that can be used in a tiny water stream or brook, while massive water turbines are being used to harvest clean electricity in large rivers and dams.  When completed, they can output usable energy, in Mega-Watts for as long as the units are maintained to work.

2. Wind Mill or Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine for Homes - Free Energy Systems

Home Wind Turbine – Free Energy Systems

One of the most efficient free energy systems has historically been the windmill, which is now being used in the form of wind turbines generators in relatively windy locations. This engineering masterpiece harvests the energy of wind as it flows through its blades at heights of 30 feet or higher. Today a large number of wind turbines are being used in many cities around the world. However, average people have also turned to learning how to harvest the power of wind energy to supply much of their energy. If you are interested in producing free and green energy you can always try installing a wind turbine in your backyard or cottage.

1. Solar Cell Panels: Free Energy Systems

Solar Panels - Free Energy Systems

Although more and more people are starting to take advantage of free energy systems available to them, one obvious device that is growing much faster in popularity is the solar cells or solar panels. When connected in arrays, solar panels can keep producing usable clean energy as long for a long time. This energy can also be stored into batteries or can be sold to most cities by being fed back into the city’s electrical grit. Today many municipalities are happy customers of residential electricity produced from each home, since there is no associated cost of maintenance and waste disposal.

But unfortunately most people are under the impression that for solar panels to produce energy, one needs to be in a warm climate. That is not true; solar panels only require sun light to produce electricity, and that is regardless of hot or cold weather condition. The only cost associated with solar panels is their purchase price and installations. After that, whatever energy is put out is by the panels is free; most panels today are operational for over 20 years. Maybe it is time for your to set up your own solar panels today and become energy independent.

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