Top 10 Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil – Palm Oil and Health

We are all in search for new ways to improve our health and many of us rely on non-traditional or herbal remedies to boost our immune system. Today many people have realized that the best way to loose weight is to use natural sources in our diet to shed unwanted pounds and purify our bodies in a myriad of ways. One natural way that has received a lot of attention in the past few years is Red Palm Oil and a number of studies have reported solid proofs about its tremendous health benefits that can be obtained  it; to simply put it the health benefits of red palm oil are exceptional and if you are not getting this super food you are missing it big time.

What are the Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil?


Just a teaspoon of red palm oil per day will offer your body elements such as antioxidants, essential fatty acids and multiple vitamins that your body needs to become healthier, more productive and even stronger. Here is a compiled list of the top 10 health benefits of Red Palm Oil.

10. Leading Source of Vitamin A

One of the key components in this oil is Carotenes. When ingested in the body, the Carotenes automatically convert into vitamin A, which is a rich resource for antioxidants. Antioxidants help our immune systems remain strong, but additionally it those who have higher levels of vitamin A who are better able to put antioxidants to use and ward off many diseases such as the common cold and vision ailments.  While we can find this vitamin in many foods such as carrots, getting vitamin A from Red Palm Oil offers more than 15 times the amount found in one serving of vegetables that contain vitamin A.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil

Top 10 Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil

9. Red Palm Oil Combats Free Radicals

Free radicals that are found both in the air we breathe and are produced naturally in our bodies from the food we consume, which can deteriorate our health. Not only do increased amounts of free radicals quicken the aging process, research shows that when we don’t take measures to balance them, the likelihood of developing diseases such as cancer is drastically increased. Red Palm Oil can help in fighting these free radicals which in return will slow down your aging process and lessen the risks of cancer.

8.  Reduces Cholesterol with Red Palm Oil

Another ingredient that is naturally found in this oil is Studies have shown that Alpha Tocotrienol helps to reduce cholesterol levels by unblocking the fatty acid buildup that occurs in the body and facilitates moving it through the digestive system quickly. This keeps the arteries from getting blocked from the high (bad) cholesterol content foods that you might over consume.

7.  Beneficial Natural Red Palm Oil and Skin Health

Turns out that the red palm oil is extremely beneficial for those who want to have a healthy skin. Many of today’s oil supplements are sold in pill form. While they work once they are broken down, Red Palm Oil is sold in liquid form which is added to one of the meals you eat per day. Taking any supplement in its natural form will always work better than pills and thus, one receives the health benefits as the body does not need to breakdown and process the supplement like it does in pills or capsules. Red palm oil can give you many vitamins and minerals that pill cannot efficiently do. However, whenever you purchase try to buy them organic to stay away from dangerous particles in forms of  pesticide, herbicides and possible GMO contamination.

6.  Improves the Immune System

Recent research results have shown that Red Palm Oil has the ability to improve the immune systems by protecting our bodies from the bacteria that collects within it. Although it may not be as valuable as the health benefits of vitamin D, nonetheless, red palm oil is boost immune system significantly.

5.  Improves Cellular Respiration

The health benefits of red palm oil does not stop here. Those who  consume red palm oil regularly benefit from a higher oxygen intake and an overall bio-efficiency simply because this oil contains a valuable enzyme call co-enzyme Q10 (or CoQ10), which can ensure that the proper amount of oxygen travels to the cells in our bodies for a better cellular respiration. Without proper cellular respiration, cells can quickly become damaged and die off prematurely making us more susceptible to disease.

4.  Red Palm Oil Aids in Significant Weight Loss

Both ingredients carotene and tocotrienol have shown great results in weight loss. It is thought that they assist in the digestion and breaking down of foods and decrease the amount of saturated fats that remain in the body. Unlink other types of oil, one of red palm oil’s greatest health benefits is that it boosts metabolism and burns faster than any other type of oil, which encouraging the body not to store but burn obtained energy, which is an amazing advantage.

3. Improves Alzheimer’s and Other Neurological Health Problem

One study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reported that the compound beta-carotene has shown remarkable abilities in warding off diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia and is particularly effective when it is combined with high amounts of vitamin C. Red Palm Oil contains appropriate amounts of beta-carotene. Various case studies have proven this very fact.

2.  May Reduce Instances of Breast Cancer

Beta-carotene has long been studied for its possible powerful ability to prevent and reduce the likelihood of cancer, especially breast cancer and ovarian cancer in post menopausal women. Other researches have shown that women who have histories of these cancers in their family have been able to reduce their risk significantly simply by regularly consuming more of this magic oil.

1. Reduces Heart Attacks and Strokes: Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil is known for its ability to reduce the amount of blood clots in the body. Not only that, it significantly helps arteries to remain clear of blockages. Red Palm oil literary scrubs and cleanses arteries better than any type of synthetic drug.


So You might ask what is the right dosage of red palm oil? Well there are not set numbers but various instances have shown that taking at least one table spoon of this oil can decrease one’s risk of suffering from heart attacks and/or strokes. Start taking advantage of the various benefits of red palm oil today.