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  • Autumn H

    This list is out dated as of Feb 2011

    • Admin

      Hi Autumn,

      Thanks for sharing. But I think It really depends which source we are referring to. They quote different SHU levels.

  • Violet

    The Trinidad scorpion is the hottest pepper as of February, 2011, not the Bhut or Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper.) By the way my uncle grows Bhut Jolokias!

  • Violet

    I meant March, 2011. Sorry I was mixed up with the Naga Viper. 😛

  • Osullivan

    im 7 and my dad made me eat a naga jolokia pepper

  • Unclevic

    I am known, locally for my various kinds of Pickles. I sometimes mix hot peppers in the jars of Dill Pickles. From Green Italian and Hungarian wax to Jalepeno and on to Serrano ; I continued with Cayenne, Habenero and Scotch Bonnet.
    A friend brought me a branch from his neighbor’s shrub. in Florida. It was covered with tiny green to yellow to red peppers. I don’t think these ornamental peppers should be in the food chain of humans. Hotter than anything I’ve seen.
    Who knows anything about these little drops of FIRE ???
    I am Uncle Vic, of upstate New York, by Lake George.

  • chillihead

    Your list is out dated. You guys may want to do some more research. hint: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion & the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper


    Just tasted Naga Jolokia…its FIRE!!!

  • geoff

    And the Carolina reaper

  • geoff

    Abd miney more

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