Top 10 Methods to Make Money Online From Home: Try a Couple

To the surprise my many, millions of people regularly enough money online that’s  considered higher than average and they do it from the comfort of their home; simply using their laptop. That’s why we have decided to give you some of the top 10 methods to make money online from home. In these tough economical times for many finding a well paying job has become next to impossible, but the solution of making money online, if done right, offers a lot of flexibility with a good financial return.

Top 10 Methods to Make Money Online From Home

The list below will provide you with just that. Choose one, two or three ways of making money online to diversify your income stream. Remember that working from home has many advantages that are just too good to pass on and real people are doing it. Not only will you make money by being your own boss but you will save on gas, you will save time traveling to and from work, you get to stay home, eat at home and spend more time with the family and best of all you control your own time. You can run your errands when the grocery stores, malls, offices are less populated and quiet, which means no line ups and no headaches for you. If you generate enough income to stay home, the benefits are too numerous to name.

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top 10 methods to make money online from home

top 10 methods to make money online from home

10. Make Money with Videos on YouTube

We start our list of top 10 methods to make money online from home with something that everyone likes: videos. People love to watch short videos online especially on YouTube. But the great thing about YouTube is that if any of your videos get a few thousands views, you can actually start making money from it. How? Well have you seen those ads that popup on your video screen or the square ads that are just to the left of the video you are watching? That’s how! Once you get your viewer counts up YouTube will contact you and asks you if you would like to earn an income with these ads and you’re on your way. So what should you do now? If you like making videos, go ahead and produce unique short videos that you own the rights to and put them on YouTube. If you need help getting started here is a good training program in Video Training Academy.

9. Legit Online Jobs Platform

Use a service called Legit Online Jobs to start making money from a combination of various methods. It allows you to build your money making platform with different techniques like data entry, eBay marketing or paid surveys.

8. Designing Graphics

Are you good with using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks? Can you create stunning graphics and icons? Hey, if you are good with creating graphics you can use it as one of the top 10 methods of making money online from home. If you create good graphics you can easily sell them on iStockPhoto.

7. Sell Your Pictures Online

Got a digital SLR camera at home? Are you a traveler? Do you have a passion for photography? If you have an artist’s perspective of taking professional photos then why not try selling them as one of the ways to make money online? You can sell your pictures on sites like iStockPhoto for some cash. You wan to learn how to take stunning photos? Try this.

6. Sell Unused Items

Everyone has boxes and packs of unused items somewhere in their house that have not been used for months or even years. If you have not used certain items for more than a year now, chances are that you will not use them again. Go through all your stored items in your garage or your shed and separate the items you can sell. Take a picture of each and post them on sites like or Remember that one man’s junk is another’s gold.

5. Write Articles

Writers are never really out of business online. Can you produce well-written articles, which contain between 500 to 700 words and deliver them in a timely fashion? If you can do that then you will find some writing job online that can generate an additional income for you. You can sign up with an online writing program like Real Writing Jobs, which will help you with writing process, finding clients and selling your articles or you can simply sign up with Fiverr to find your own gigs.

4. Develop Mobile App

New generation mobile phones and tablets, especially the iPhone and the iPad are getting more and more popular. Today there is an application for nearly everything you can imagine. How can you make money online with apps you may ask? You can actually create your own mobile app and sell it on iTunes or other popular application platform. Doing exactly this has generated tones of money for developers over the past few years.

3. Sell Your Own e-Product

Are you good at a special skill or a talent that others may find useful? Something like cooking, knitting or painting just to name a few. If you are, you may want to write an eBook teaching others how to do the same. You can then sell these items on sites like

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and most effective ways of generating income online. It basically means promoting and selling other people or companies’ products and getting a percentage of each sale as a commission. Affiliate marketing options exist for almost any type of product online; from selling thousand-dollar home appliances to shoes, socks and cheaper items. Believe it or not, millions of affiliate marketers are generating six digit income from the comfort of their home using affiliate marketing techniques. If you are interested in affiliate marketing we recommend staring with Chris Farrell Coaching.

1. Start a Blog: Top 10 Methods to Make Money Online From Home

Yes, starting a blog takes number one position on the list of top 10 methods to make money online. If you put a bit of time and effort, blogs can be some of most financially rewarding methods of generating an online income. There are hundreds of thousands of people making figures at over $30,000 a month and millions more are making enough to quite their daily jobs.

How can you start a profitable blog?

Well think about something that you are passionate about or have enough knowledge to start a writing, or producing videos about. Once you choose your topic you will need to set up an actual blog. If you are struggling with your existing blog, if you don’t know how to set one up or even where to begin you should try one one the most popular blog trainings called Niche Profit Classroom with Adam Shorts. He has developed a great coaching system that will teach you everything you need to start an online business and begin generating money online; even on multiple blogs.

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Top 10 Methods to Make Money Online From Home
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