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  • pragmatic1111

    Just because someone is unarmed doesn’t mean he or she can’t kill you. The media distorts this saying a unarmed person is innocent or people don’t have any health care when they are talking about health insurance. They are just trying to get a rise.

  • nymphas

    From Number 2 above:

    “There’s no way to regulate or stop people from obtaining sharp object and it is unfortunate that they are used in murders.”

    Now obviously the person who wrote this didn’t pay attention in English 101. But the comment is very curious. The writer seems to have missed the fact that any politician worth his weight in dung can find a way to regulate just about anything.

    In conclusion, recently, as a comment about a movie that served as a motivator for someone to kill a bunch of other people in Colorado, a movie reviewer said, “movies don’t kill people, guns kill people” (NBC’s Access Hollywood). I stand corrected, I always thought that movies killed people by strangulation with ropes of celluloid tape. Of course, it would be the celluloid tape and not the movie that kills people, wouldn’t it? Let’s regulate celluloid tape, and everything else on this list and stop all the killing? (Insert Circus Music Here).

  • Don Gould

    A government would not murder people like ,fast and furious ,did to destroy the 2nd amendment, would they .Not possible they would not blow up buildings in new york to enact, the patriot act, would they .The government will not be signing a treaty, to take all Americans, guns next week ,would they .Every country in the so called free world is under presser to give away their guns. If the government wanted our private property ,then a smart thing to do would be to take your guns first, right, that way the government has a monopoly on deadly violence .Was the second amendment about not giving government a monopoly on deadly violence. This is a difficult problem public cant be trusted but the government can.I need some facts …in 1993 gun owners kill three times more criminals than cops but 11% of their kills were innocent people gun owners used common sense and good judgement and killed only 2% innocent people meaning when cops shoot near you have a 500% more chance of getting killed in error from a cop than a gun owner

  • John

    I think cars and vehicles kill more people than guns

    • anon

      the article isn’t ‘what causes more deaths’, it’s what is used more specifically for homicide. Do you really think that vehicles are the weapon of choice in homicide?

      • GThormaq

        Over 30% of the US murders do not involve guns.

        • rootie

          That means almost 70% do involve guns, and that’s against all other means combined!

          • hsfred

            But how many of that 70% involving guns are the result of registered gun owners? Don’t forget that many of the murders in each state are inner-city patterns and my bet is that those offenders aren’t on the registry list for their weapons.

          • Linda Nicola

            Well, most criminals get their guns from theft from the *responsible* gun owners who choose not to lock up their guns, or from legal purchases at gun shows, or unreported third party sales. How about we close those loopholes?

          • Phil

            Linda, the statement “most criminals get their guns from theft from the responsible” is not wholly true. Many fire arms are taken in theft, that is true but, many are purchased from illegal gun sales, less than moral, legal gun dealers. Some guns can be and are manufactured in home fabricating shops. The AK47 for example is not a very complicated weapon and can be manufactured in a home shop. Even the U.S. government allowed guns to known drug cartels in an ill-conceived plan to track a criminal operation. You know how that ended.

          • DrVino

            Just how will you close the loopholes you mention?
            Theft? Please, tell us what novel laws will prevent that? Because if it’s already illegal to steal TVs, jewelry, computers, cars, etc, a law outlawing stealing firearms will suddenly make burglars think twice?

            Locking up firearms at home? Please read the Supreme Court case of Heller v D.C. 2008.

            Gun shows? You have drank “Barry & Joe’s Gun Show Loophole Koolaid” (TM) if you believe that you can buy a gun without the involvement of a Federal Firearms Dealer or a background check at the vast majority of gun shows.
            Unreported third party sales? So, people who intentionally keep their sales off-record (which is illegal in most jurisdictions) will follow which new laws?
            The only loophole I see is letting people who commit violent crimes with a firearm get away with mitigated sentences.

          • Independentrd

            BTW the so called internet sales do not eliminate the background check if it has to be shipped. I’d certainly not buy one over the internet except from a retailer. That means they’d do a check and the dealer with a valid FFL they’d have to ship to would likely do so as well. Other than neighbors and family there are few loop holes. It’s just they want to find out who has all those 300 million plus privately owned firearms.

          • ChrisBan35


            But how many times do guns “SAVE” lives?? We’ll never know those statistics because A.) the media doesn’t report on stories that aren’t capable of being sensationalized, and that don’t pervert society in a LIBERAL SOCIALISTIC way, and B.) The incident never happened because the “would be” assailant walked away when he saw the sticker that said “Protected by Smith & Wesson”!!!

            ALSO, Per capita, There is another VERY distinct percentage that is known by police/FBI/government that you won’t find on the news… In areas where guns are VERY prevalent, ie every home has one, the crime rates are “WAY LOWER” than in areas of high population and low home to security weapon ratio…..

          • Linda Nicola

            Actually, the FBI put the figure at 1% of gun deaths are justifiable homicide.

          • ruzzty


          • Linda Nicola

            Carrot sticks.

          • That was a stupid post Ruzzty


          • john


          • Independentrd

            That doesn’t jive with the above figures in the article where they say:

            “Use of knives, bats, personal body weapons and blunt objects (as
            highlighted in red) are the tools, which the criminals use to take far
            more lives that guns. Criminals will always get their their weapons, no
            matter what. That is a FACT!

            That means firearms must be used in less than half the cases, not 30%.

          • Bob Gibson

            Your not thinking about how imformation is mis leading Rootie your just assuming all is well ….

        • CJ Jones

          Google the Top 10 Murder Weapons. Guns are #1

          • B.M.

            Hey CJ, google Top Killers in America……. #1- Heart Disease….#2- Cancer…..#3- Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases….#4- Stroke…..#5- Accidents….. where are your guns in America’s Top Killers? You’re an idiot if you think guns hurt us or our children more than drunk drivers or smokers and their second hand smoke. You stop all drunk driving and all smokers from smoking outside in the air we all breathe and then come talk to me about where my guns have hurt people.

          • Linda Nicola

            Well, we have laws against children buying cigarettes or smoking and punish those who sell to them. Same with alcohol. Let’s have better laws to prevent children from getting access to guns. ie-penalize gun owners who don’t keep their guns locked up properly. Not allow children to buy or shoot guns, they are too young to have the proper brain development for the judgement needed for safe gun use.

          • Me

            Let’s look at that proper brain development topic. Keep in mind all of these shootings were committed by people on prescription medication.

          • emaleroland

            Let’s keep Liberals like Linda from having access to the internet and our children so they don’t grow up to be as misguided and mindlessly indiscriminate as her. You teach children about firearms when they’re young so they learn the proper way to handle one and these are the law-abiding people that know how to protect themselves and others from the children of “feel good” loons like you, Linda.

          • Independentrd

            BTW I had my own 22 at age 10. At 12 I could hunt on the farm, unsupervised. At 16 I had my own shotgun.

            When I was a senior in high school it was not uncommon to leave the shotgun or deer rifle in the car so we could go hunting after school.

          • emaleroland

            I had my first shotgun at 9. I had to first go through a Safe Hunter’s program. To date: I haven’t killed anyone and neither have any of my weapons. I even dared my weapons to kill me a few weeks ago and yet, they did nothing. Maybe the person is the weapon that kills people?

          • Susan Jendro

            when I was 8 or 9 my brother, two years younger, begged my dad to let him shoot his 30.06. Dad relented and we went out to shoot it. I shot first and the thing knocked be backward and I landed on my butt. My brother lost interest in shooting it, but dad had him do it anyway, with dad’s help. That taught us that guns really are dangerous in the wrong hands. My dad never, ever locked up his guns, there was always one by the back door, no one ever touched them without permission. Teaching respect for guns should be the top priority of all parents, and gun owners around uninformed idiots.

          • David

            These laws do absolutely nothing other than prevent these “children” from purchasing these products at the counter. Has it stopped teens from smoking or drinking? No. They all have older friends or relatives who will purchase for them. You don’t remember your teen years? I see the kids go by every morning and afternoon. Laws simply do not prevent those intent on violating the law from doing so. I was trained to use guns safely as a teenager and was taught respect for those weapons and just what they could do.

          • Joyce Brown

            absolutely,Linda. Guess I’m a liberal loon also. I see absolutely no reason for a citizen to own a military type assault rifle. Even the past commander of our Armed Forces in Afghanistan has stated that exact stand on the subject. We need the voice of experts not NRA, not Walmart clerks, we need police chiefs from across the country to weigh in, military experts to voice their stand.

          • B.M.

            What is an “assault weapon” Joyce?

          • emaleroland

            Joyce, Joyce is an assault weapon. She doesn’t know anything about firearms or she would know the term “assault weapon” is a Liberal term coined by a Liberal ding dong who wants to CONTROL her and everyone’s right to protect themselves against government tyranny.

          • Independentrd

            You can not purchase, own, or possess a military assault weapon in the US without a class 3 license and those are not easy to get. Odds are, if you are not an officer you can’t get one.

            What you are probably referring to are not assault weapons, but rather only look like them. Much to the chagrin of the far left radicals when they discovered that civilians already could not own what Nancy Pelose’s bill outlawed.. So they finally managed to redefine any hunting rifle that looks like one, as one.

          • emaleroland

            There is no place on this planet that you can walk into and say, “I’d like to purchase one of those ‘assault weapons.'” They don’t exist. Assault weapons can only be found in Utopia. You have to ride in on a unicorn and can only get them from the tooth fairy.

          • Independentrd

            Yes there are real assault weapons, but they are essentially not available to the private citizen.

            Full auto is good at making the enemy keep their heads down, but not very effective at hitting anything,

            To purchase one requires a class 3 firearms license which is not simple to get. You start by asking your local sheriff, but be prepared for a thorough investigation.

            You are correct in that you can’t just walk in and ask for one, but if you wish to fire one that might be possible. There is a get together every summer out in the mid west where they have fully automatic weapons on display that you can shoot under direct supervision for a price. At $1 to $5 a shell, full auto is expensive!

            Pull the trigger on a belt fed 50 and you spend a lot of money by the time you can let go.

            The event is pretty well publicized and you should be able to find it listed on the Internet.

          • emaleroland

            My apologies. I think you misunderstood my comment. The term “assault weapon” is a propaganda term. You’re referring to “assault rifles” coined by the DOD, but never by the manufacturer. The legal and proper name is hand-held selective-fire weapons.

          • Independentrd

            Agreed. Thanks.

          • Paul Ruddy

            I know what you are saying but the problem is that you said “no place on this planet.” I haven’t been to Sudan but that’s one of those places where obtaining an assault rifle is that easy. I don’t have any statistics, but based on the people I know who went to Viet Nam and Africa, more vets leave Africa (per capita) with PTSD than any other conflict. What Africans do to Africans is ghastly, see Machine Gun Preacher (a true story).

          • Independentrd

            Only the small number of chiefs in Bloombergs cabal say that. Most law enforcement people are firm believers in the second amendment. That past commander you list is one of Obama’s cronies. Because of their beliefs the oval office is behind our veterans being denied their second amendment rights.

          • Paul Ruddy

            Independentrd don’t open that can! I’ve never served. I tried to enlist in 1972 but got 4 F’d for several reasons. But I’ve got plenty of partners who have served in many wars and one of my biggest complaints is the lack of adequate medical service provided by the VA to vets. Our vets should be entitled to better medical care than the richest cowards on this planet. Our vets go and fight the wars that the rich cowards depend upon so that they can live their soft and comfy lives. It is totally insane that our government does absolutely nothing towards improving the medical care of the men and women who served and were willing to pay the ultimate price so those fat cowards could get fatter. Forget cancer, forget gun control, let’s all get together for something truly noble: improving medical care for all vets to a standard commensurate to what the President would expect for himself!

          • Independentrd

            Agreed that the VA medical care is a disaster.

          • Paul Ruddy

            Joyce Brown, do you live in an area where if there’s a home invasion the police are instantly teleported there to save the day – like in the Marvel comic books? That’s where I want to live. Have you seen what happened in Australia after their government took away the guns from the law abiding citizens? Only the criminals have guns now and violent crime against law abiding citizens has risen over 20% in all categories. But if I could live where you live, I wouldn’t have a care in the world either!

          • Susan Jendro

            what makes you think that the police are experts on weapons. What would you do, if and when, this country is invaded and a war breaks out on our soil. Do you think you will be protected by forces that do not have enough personnel already?

          • Bob Gibson

            So it would be one person to make the decision your way the President in charge ….. Once your rights are gone it will be to late when you realize that ‘wow I didn’t think that would happen again’.

          • DrVino

            Cigarettes are not in the Bill of Rights.

          • Independentrd

            Most states already do. This one sure does.


            ARE you a dumb ass or what? You should allow children to shoot guns and train them to know what a gun can do to people so they know to stay away from it unless a need arises for them to grab the gun.

          • tonj

            You are in fact the idiot. CJ correctly identified the most frequent WEAPON used to murder, that’s it. He didn’t say anything about firearms being a leading CAUSE of death. Either you lack basic reading comprehension or social skills.

          • B.M.

            Wrong again tonj………. CJ said “Murder Weapons”. If you are going to call my inanimate gun a murder weapon, then I will call your car or cigarette a murder weapon as well. If we are calling inanimate things “killers” after all, then let’s just go for it all. Water should be a murderer because people drown all the time. Electricity is a murderer because it kills people too. Top Murder “Weapons” should be categorized by the type of murder they cause. In that case a cigarette would be what I call Murder Weapon #1 since Cancer is Killer #2 in America. Your vehicle would be my Murder Weapon #2 since it is Killer #5 in America. Again I ask you, where are the guns in the “Top Killers”? They are not there. Do you understand why? Because guns don’t kill people. People do. Your argument is invalid. Please be seated.

          • Kendall

            Murder is defined as (according to Law. the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S.,special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized bydeliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robberyor arson (first-degree murder) and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation(second-degree murder). So the weapon used to kill deliberately is the murder weapon, not a car unless you run someone over on purpose.

          • B.M.

            So let me get this right per your dictionary. If I “accidentally” shoot you and you die then it’s not murder? Or if I have a gun, because I carry one regularly, and I never thought about killing you before, but I just don’t like the way you look today so I shoot you, not intending to kill you, but just to hurt you, but you die accidentally from that wound that’s not murder either? See, this is the problem with your theory………. If I legally obtain and carry a firearm, that does not automatically mean I am a killer or that I am going to use it. Additionally, since a firearm cannot fire itself and kill somebody the firearm is not the problem here because none of my weapons have ever killed another human being.

            If you legally become intoxicated at a bar you drove to and then illegally get behind the wheel of a 1-ton speeding projectile without the common sense or mindset to do so then you already premeditated the act because you drove there and are now intentionally putting every other life on the road with you in harms way, therefore should you run down and kill some poor soul you should be tried and convicted for premeditated and intentional murder. How can you explain that any other way @68db1caf5681f1970e4373793ccf6bf0:disqus ?

          • Independentrd

            Yes..and your point is?

            That’s why our sheriff calls them the perfect weapon. and no, you don’t have to run over anyone. Run them off the road, turn a sharp corner with the door unlatched. Catch ’em behind the ear with a side view mirror…There are many ways and they are difficult to prove.

          • Independentrd

            Be careful with today’s dictionarys. Many definitions have been changed to fit the politically correct outlook over the last decade. English does evolve, but these changes are not the normal evolution of the language.

            /you don’ have to go very far back to find the definition of cult was ant group that gets together with a common goal or belief. To get occult the goal had to be hidden.

            Because of the connotations people didn’t like being referred to as cult members and religious groups did not like being linked to the occult. So now both definitions carry exceptions such as occult is “other than established religions.

            However what ever is used to commit murder is the murder weapon in that case. But when referring to guns remember even though guns (notably hand guns as rifles including those with 30 shot clips account for less than hammers) , quoting the article again: “: Use of knives, bats, personal body weapons and blunt objects (as
            highlighted in red) are the tools, which the criminals use to take far
            more lives that guns. Criminals will always get their their weapons, no
            matter what. That is a FACT!”

            So looking at the overall picture, guns account for well less than half of all murders.

          • Kendall

            CJ said Murder Weapons not killers

          • Independentrd

            Ahhh did you come late to the show. These comments are under that article on top ten dot com.

      • Richard

        Well tell it to the fans of Oklahoma State University as to using a vehicle to commit homicide.

      • A. E. H.

        In some cases, maybe. I would probably murder somebody with a vehicle, if I had one, sadly.

    • CJ Jones

      Google the Top 10 Murder Weapons. Guns are #1, cars didn’t make the list.

      • B.M.

        Just because you don’t google things right doesn’t make your argument any better CJ. Take a look and then try again:

        In 2010, drunken drivers killed 13,000 people. According to the CDC there were 10,400 firearm homicides in our country. Reviewing the statistics, we find that the majority of these gun-related deaths were criminal on criminal violence or justified police shootings, not innocent people killed as is the case of a death by a DUI.

        • tonj

          If these are the stats you managed to Google then you’re not doing it right. I happened to find the actual 2010 cdc mortality rate report. of the 113 recognized causes of death in this report drunk driving is not among them. In fact, those statistics aren’t mentioned anywhere on their site, so I’d love to know where you pulled that “fact” from. In 2010 Accidental discharge of a firearm killed 606 people half of which were under the age of 25, Homicides by firearm 11,078 (how did you end up with a different “official” number? Discharge of firearm undetermined intent killed 252 people. intentional self inflicted discharge of firearm killed 18,972 people. This table also includes this data: alcohol induced deaths – 25,692 Firearms deaths – 31,672. gee… Now to address your ignorant and incorrect statement regarding victims of gun violence. The majority of victims are not criminals and gang members, which you clearly disregard as people, and the number of justifiable police shootings a year is so small as to be nearly negligible. Link the actual statistics or keep your ignorant opinion and blatant misinformation to youself

          • B.M.

            Oh look, it’s somebody who can read but doesn’t understand what they are reading. Let me see if I can dumb it down for you a little. Since I do not remember which report I found 2 months ago, I will go with yours.

            Your 31,672 number is the number of “injuries” caused by firearms. NOT DEATHS. You are the same person calling the sequestration a “cut” when in fact it is just less of a spending increase than they want.

            If you look up the number of “injuries” due to automobiles it is over 120,000. Alcohol induced deaths is 25,692. That is DEATHS, not injuries.

            If you scroll down farther you will see that per 100,000 people in the United States almost 22 (21.8) per 100,000 DIE from Alcohol and only 8 (7.4) per 100,000 are INJURED, not killed, by firearms.

            Did you happen to look at the other number over there about drugs? Did you see over 40,000 people DIE from that also?

            I’m not here to make you like guns, but the fact is that they are not the top killer in the United States. My report showed that then and yours further proves my point now. So next time you want to talk about ignorance and blatant misinformation, re-read your report.

        • Independentrd

          Also most gun deaths were gang related..see article above.

    • Independentrd

      They do, and cars are often used as a weapon of choice because it’s difficult to prove intent when “it could have been an accident. Our sheriff called a car the perfect weapon. I don’t think anyone has a hint of how many “murders by car” occur per year, other than it’s substantial. Also suicides are difficult to prove so the insurance pays off. and in many cases, I do think they would be the weapon of choice.

    • Tim Gorman

      not anymore, CDC and Bloomberg News both report in 2015 people will die more often from a gun than a car, deaths from motor vehicles are down 22% in the last decade

    • A. E. H.

      Not accurate.

  • ScottMohr

    I’ll agree that guns kill people when the brain-dead author of this article admits that his/her computer is responsible for this poorly-written article.

    • !2oh3!

      And they taking taking innocent lives! lmao! That’s bad.

  • Thebes42

    Shame you don’t figure how many lives guns save a year.
    I’d have been beaten to death with a sledgehammer a decade ago if not for my “insanely profitable” $60 22 rifle.
    But mentioning that sort of thing might undermine your gun grabbing agenda…

    • Linda Nicola

      Well, since hammers seem to be more deadly than guns, I say we arm private citizens with only hammers. The 2nd doesn’t say what arms are included.

  • Promontorium

    “weapons manufactures and they taking innocent lives.” Good English there dipshit. Way to back your bias.

  • TJ

    NOTICE…The firearm info is almost 5 years old, and did NOT take in the fact that there are self defence carry laws in 49 states now, and 2.5 MILLION times a year a crime is stopped by some one defending themselves with a firearm.The FBI lists firearms as being in 3rd place behind Human hands and Base Ball Bats…that’s right more homoside’s are commited with base ball bats according to the US Government.

    • TruthSeeker

      This is absolute BS – you’ve been reading too many idiotic Facebook posts. According to the actual 2011 FBI report on crime, there were 12,664 total homicides in 2011, 8,583 of which used a firearm (with handguns being used the most, 6,220 murders). Assuming that baseball bats would fit into the general category of “other weapons”, that total is 1,659. Read some actual facts before you spout more lies.

      • LieDestroyer

        You didn’t add up your numbers correctly. notice firearms was placed in 2 categories… don’t add both together, add only the “total” number. So learn to add before you spout lies.

  • svmknight

    The same fbi reports you used to cite this say there were 12,664 murders total in 2011. 68%(The percentage you used for firearms) of that is 8,612. Why round up to 10,000? You were precise in the rest of the report, but you chose to inflate the firearms point. Want to prove a point, don’t weaken it with obvious rhetoric. And are you afraid to post how many lives are saved by the presence of a firearm whether or not it is discharged, are there no statistics on it, or was there even an effort to find out? With two sides presented, there is debate and argument. Only one side presented is a rant.

    • Linda Nicola

      FBI reports that only 1% of homicides can be considered “justifiable” ie self-defense.

      • Independentrd

        That’s not what he asked. Most cases where a weapon was drawn in self defense it was never fired. Estimates, as that’s all that are available run as high as several hundred thousand weapons were never fired because the potential victim was armed and contrary to popular belief to the consternation of the anti-gunners didn’t blast the attacker who was just happy to see him run off.

  • Dave La Rochelle

    How about automobiles and drunk drivers?

    • DrKeteDC

      How about autos no matter the content of your blood?

      • CJ Jones

        I goggled murdered weapons, cars were listed as one but not in the top 10 murdered weapons in the USA. It goes without saying what the #1 weapons was..

    • CJ Jones

      In some states drunk drivers are charge with murder. At least they are here in Texas when a minor riding the same vehicle is killed in a crash. Else its manslaughter .

  • Greg

    You’re completely wrong, do some homework prior to writing an erroneous article filled with grammatical errors. BASEBALL bats are the number one murder weapon in the United States. On top of that, VEHICLES cause more deaths than guns and baseball bats. The number one cause of death belongs to tobacco….STILL LEGAL.

    • Damian

      Can you please share your reference for this information? The website doesn’t support your claim.

      • Damian

        (regarding homicide)

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  • AndoCalrissian

    “Throwing a punch, a head-butt or a kick against another person’s head usually has fatal consequences”

    Uhh, really?? I have been in and seen plenty of fights in my life, none of which resulted in a death. What a stupid thing to say. There are probably millions upon millions of fights in America each year, 861 deaths does not constitute as “usually”.

  • WendyLS

    Did you just try to tell people that Texas has the lowest crime rates? And that states with lax gun-laws have LOWER crime? You may want to go recheck your stats on that.

  • Robert Hewett

    Google the top 10 weapons used to stop murders. Number 1 are guns. Ban guns, and I its war. Do you really want to live in a country where the police are the only ones allowed to have guns? Especially as corrupt as the US government already is? If you do, you are a complete fool. The 2A exists because TYRANNY and DESPOTIC GOVERNMENT EXISTS.

    Now, which one of you thinks the US government IS NOT despotic? The Senate just today extended the UNCONSTITUTIONAL FISA WARRANTLESS WIRETAPS Law for another 5 years. And let’s not forget the “Disposition Matrix” Obama claims to have power to MURDER anybody he deems necessary, INCLUDING AMERICANS, no trial, no charges, no nothing. Or are you all FOOLS to your temporal situation? The ELITES WHO OWN the American government have always wished they could find a way to disarm the American public, to establish a Police State wherein YOU HAVE NO MEANS OF RESISTANCE.

    All of you who favor gun control are INVITING the Bolsheviks (who murdered 12 MILLION PEOPLE in the 20th Century) and the Fascists (who murdered 7 MILLION people in the 20th Century) to have a FIELD DAY WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
    Now, go turn in your GOTDAMN GUN you fool.

    • Linda Nicola

      I’m assuming the 7 million you cite for Fascist gun deaths were from the Holocaust. The majority of Jews rounded up came from countries that allowed guns. Didn’t help them any.

      • David Pickford

        Linda, in fact the Jews were prohibited from owning firearms when Hitler came into power and enacted gun control measures.

    • Independentrd

      Did you read this part?
      “Use of knives, bats, personal body weapons and blunt objects (as
      highlighted in red) are the tools, which the criminals use to take far
      more lives that guns. Criminals will always get their their weapons, no
      matter what. That is a FACT!”

  • Bobby

    It’s very silly to say that banning guns wouldn’t decrease our country’s murder rate. Obviously you can just look at the numbers comparing various countries where guns are regulated and where they are not to see that yes having guns available for sale on the corner of every street to anybody over the age of 18 will drastically increase the number of murders and suicides in your country. There really is no debate over that. It’s cold hard facts and numbers. But this is not to say that guns should be banned. All of our freedoms come at the price of innocent lives. The very fact we live in an open and free society is the reason things like 9/11 can happen. After all the safest possible country to live in would be a prison state in which we are all placed in solitary confinement. The point is that just because a freedom comes at the cost of thousands of innocent lives each year doesn’t mean that it is a freedom that needs to be taken away. Our freedom to drive kills countless yet you don’t see anybody trying to lobby to take away that freedom. Our freedom to eat crappy fast food kills even more… yet cheese burgers are still legal. The debate isn’t whether or not having guns accessible to everyone makes us safer as it obviously doesn’t. The debate is whether or not that freedom is worth the lives. Freedom always comes at a price. Once should not balk at the price when the reaper comes to collect it.

    • Independentrd

      Actually it just might be silly as in every state to pass “must issue” concealed permits the violent crime and gun related deaths have gone down. Also firearms deaths have gone down considerably and almost continuously since 1959.

      A quick Google will show that the number of firearms has gone up dramatically over the last decade while all categories of violent crime have gone down.

  • Jessica Greenhood
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  • ChrisBan35

    I agree with svmknight,

    Also, I think it’s funny you went back to 2008 for your report.. In 2008 we had the LARGEST uptick in gun violence than ever before. AMAZING how you used those statistics instead of any other year. Especially when the reports for all years, including 2012, are already compiled and available….

    The truth is Cigarettes / Auto accidents is the NUMBER ONE killer by leaps and bounds!! Followed by Diseases and cancer!!

    So if you want to put your EFFORTS in “saving” human lives, then focus where it REALLY will effectively save lives!!

    If you want to have a gun free country, you can move to Australia!! Their Liberals will be soooo happy… But you won’t screw up the freedoms I have! That I promise you….

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  • mike

    The one thing that can’t be tracked is how many lives that have been saved, by only the threat of guns being used. if someone were thinking of committing a crime.

  • Jim Crill

    We citizens living in this era should be concerned about unnatural death. The question that might lead us to some solutions is this: Are we truly concerned about unnatural death? If that is the base question of concern then we should explore 100% of all unnatural deaths and attempt to identify and qualify the causes. For instance deaths in hospitals due to negligence, drunk driving, binge drinking, and so on. If civility is the goal of society then we need to pick up the gauntlet and address all of these issues and the causes. The consequential resolutions probably will reduce many forms of unnatural deaths but also probably not all. The forces that bring about these murders come from a dark place in the souls and minds of the perpetrators. As to that we need just and objective intervention where the symptoms are evident. Also we need to address all aspects of shaping children and address the needs for responsible and healthy living.

  • David Pickford

    I will never forget the words of one of Australias top violent criminals we had in the lockups at the time of the governments banning of many firearms after the Port Arthur shootings. Knowing I am a firearm owner he asked if I liked the new laws restricting my access to many types of firearms; when I said I thought it was an absolute disgrace he laughed and said “Well me and the boys reckon its great, the less guns you lot have the safer our workplace is.” The trouble is all those that want gun ownership banned or severely restricted are usually living very sheltered lives with none or little interaction with criminal acts. That all changes once private gun ownership dissappears, just talk to the Poms where handgun crime has increased by over 4000% since handgun ownership was banned in Britain.

  • Dxxxey

    The Australian video was BS when it was first released 10 years ago and remains so. Outright lies.

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  • FriendlyNeighborhoodSoldier

    The fact of the matter is, criminals will kill people with whatever they can… however they can. It’s the simple fact of life. I’m not defending this country to come home and have my personal weapons taken from me… not when Uncle Sam hands me an M4 and ammo. No sir, the weapon I use to defend my country is the weapon I will use to defend my own from all enemies, foreign and domestic. You all can harp on this subject as much as you want, it won’t change my outlook. A firearm is a lifeless piece of metal with no purpose. It does not choose sides, it only does what it is commanded. It is the person behind the weapon, who rotates the selector switch from safe to semi/burst that will choose to do heroics or injustice. Personally, if I was walking down a dark alley and I saw someone standing in the middle of it with a knife… I’d be reaching for my Cold .44.

  • Gary

    Samuel Colt invented the pistol for the specific reason of killing and controlling people. His first customer was the Texas rangers in their war against Native Americans. Then he went out of business, because the gun was useless for hunting. Then when the US went to war against Mexico, the US upon recomendations from the rangers bought 1000 revolvers. He did not have a factory so asked Whitney who did. So began Americas facination, dependence, (not independence), addiction and love affair with their guns.

  • Freedom

    I thought this was a top ten list of murder weapons, not some tard trying to persuade people into believing the nra shit thrown into the media. You think the nra who are making record sales everytime a democrat is in office, especially obama want to add more guns to our country for the safety of the people? are you that stupid? Its about money jack and these people making millions and millions of dollars have people like you fighting their battles. Your on the wrong side if you truly care about people, theres a reason cops want these guns off the street! They want to go home and see there families without getting mowed down…

  • Daniel Ellerbee

    The report is misleading. the author adds 4.3 and.2. together then states that guns are not the #1 killer. Why wouldn’t the author. leave each category separate?

  • rewqaws

    How about putting the facts out there and let us interpret them. Your statements in the firearm category destroy all ofd your credibility.

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  • lololololollllllllllllllll

    yeah criminals can find a way to get guns.
    and America is making it too easy for them.
    more guns = more death. simply put
    and seriously? assault rifle and shotgun for self protection? -.-
    America got this country blinded completely so they can get tax from gun sales.

  • Joe Joe

    If they are going to start banning guns why not ban cars and basball bats and kitchen knives because people die from those to? its utter ludicrisy!!!!!

  • Gary Kreie
  • geoff

    The fact that you are all missing (and the most important by far) is that to a gun-grabber, no murders (of any kind) were committed prior to the invention of the firearm in the 12th century and it is the firearm itself that causes murder not the intent of its user. If the world were simply rid of guns the sun would shine, the birds would sing, and we would all live in peaceful harmony with one another. Oh sure, you might have the occasional murder now and then when someone finds oh, I don’t know say a rock or knife, or bat, or fist, or poison, or garrote, or hammer, or screwdriver, wrench, ax, hatchet, attack dog, car, cliff, iron, trophy, chainsaw, drill, or you name it…but none of these things induces the murderous nature like the gun and therefor it’s ok.

  • John False Name

    They will always get murder weapons but does that mean that we shouldn’t try to stop it or reduce the numbers? People can still get illegal drugs, should we start handing them out to young adults and children? Is it not worth trying to get rid of something unless you are 100% sure that noone will get it? Get rid of guns or the amount of guns people have won’t stop murder and violence but it will give the victims more of a chance to come out alive and will make the statistics drop.

  • Focusontherealproblem

    Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes beats them all glands down.

  • Forester Cooke

    Mexico has the strictest gun laws in Central & North America… The next time you see a Mexican, ask him how thats working out…. In 2011, there were approximately 1600 guns registered in Mexico….Why do you think they are still flooding across our borders?

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  • Wolfwolveswolf

    People, keep that 2ND AMENDMENT right where it is, unless you want to be treated like dirt in a dictatorship, cause that is what you will get. Don’t be conned by all this propaganda that is trying to program you to be a hopeless victim and hand over the only thing we have protecting us from internal or external threats, as a people and Country—–> 2ND AMENDMENT

  • loldrmundo

    Lekker ziek zijn jullie kk joden. Lekker wapens verdedigen xo

  • Dustyn Smith

    But it is not the gun that did it. Lay a gun on the table and order it to kill!! What happens??? Not a damn thing!! Now put the gun in a criminals hands, and tell him/her the same thing… All be dammed, it fires… Guns are not dangerous. Violent people with a gun, not that’s a dangerous combination… Think about it people!!! Its not that difficult to figure this out.. You take guns away people will find another way to hurt or kill people…

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  • dale ruff

    No! blunt objects kill more than rifles, but rifles are only about 3% of all gun murders, almost all being by handgun. The true statement is that guns kill 32,000 a year (murder, accidents, and suicides) while blunt objects, which includes cars, rocks, clubs, etc) kill less than 3% of that total. This pretending that handguns, which kill about 30,000 a year are not firearms, is not only absurd, it is dangerously dishonest.

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  • Dr. Steven J. Scafidi

    Great article & couple of spelling errors in the last paragraph


  • tim

    Get you’r facts straight

  • James Dodson

    Does Hillary consider blaming autombiles, guns, hammers, knives, worktools, buses, children in cars that die in accidents, or the manufactures of deaths by people who kill others with an with these weapons. For 2010 FBI data shows firearms were used in 67.5% of murders. 69% of the firearms related murders, where the weapon was specified, were committed using pistols; not rifles.