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  • Rabbitohs

    BASE jumping should be atleast in the top 3…

  • Madison

    Horse Back riding should be on the list! Many people don’t think of it as a sport, but it’s more of a sport than others. It has been in the Olympics for many years, and if that doesn’t make it a sport ask someone who rides. I don’t think you control an animal with a mind of it’s own! Have you controlled a 1,000 more pound animal with only your hands and legs, while still having to impress a judge! Or had one fall on you, and crush your pelvis, or fall off into a solid jump and break your arm. Or even worse died! Many riders die each year, two 14 year old girls recently died from riding. So before you think it’s not a sport think again, and definitely think of the danger involved in it!

  • hhg

    what about cheer

  • Amy

    Horseback riding is DEFIDENTLY no.1. Go to Yourube and search “Horse Falls-Futile Flight” and “Equestrian Olympic Vaulting” and try ad tell me it’s not dangerous.

  • rachel

    cheering should def be on the list

  • Nicole


  • cameron

    i figured parkour wouldve been on this list

  • Bex

    Gymnastics at least, if not cheerleading, should definitely be on the list. There are way more injuries and equally dangerous situations in both sports. Both definitely beat motorcycling by a long shot FYI

  • Sokhai Yann

    I think that Motorcycles is very very dangerous thing. i don’t like it. Sokhai@