Top 10 Most Powerful Herbs Used in Foods and Diets

Dieting with the right herbs can significantly improves the condition and functionality of the human body. When you want to lose weight, there is always a good herbal diet remedy to help you lose pounds. If you simply want a detox, there’s also a good herbal diet for that as well. Many people believe that herbs are the best medicine for many illnesses and many have experienced significantly better results with herbs than using conventional medicine.

Top 10 Most Powerful Herbs Used in Diets and Foods

In many ways herbs can be called wonders of nature and have been instrumental for thousands of years of medicine and well-being, for a good part in today’s. Most supplements and medicines contain, which you can incorporate into your diet easily. Using some of the best herbal diets individuals can make significant differences in their lifestyle and health. Let’s start our list:

10. Cayenne Red Pepper

Cayenne - Most Powerful Herbs

Cayenne – Most Powerful Herbs

Cayenne red pepper and improves metabolism, while allowing the human body to burn-off calories easier. Cayenne pepper is especially powerful in reduction of pain and inflammation and is a great source for improving and boosting the immune system. It is full of antioxidants and contains many other benefits that include promoting a healthier skin and a healthier cardiovascular functionality. To continually get the benefits of cayenne pepper simply add a spoon of it to your meals while cooking.

9. Licorice

Licorice - Most Healthy Herbs

Licorice – Most Healthy Herbs

Studies have shown that the sweet taste of Licorice has a suppression effect on the appetite, for that very reason it is used in variety of weight-loss diets. Licorice also helps sustain a regulated blood-sugar level but should be taken for as a limited supplement only. Excessive intake of licorice may heighten blood sugar, and cause side effects.

8. Green Tea

Green Tea - Most Healthy Herbs

Green Tea – Most Healthy Herbs

Great tea has long been used as one of the best herbal diets. Green tea helps the body shed the extra weight and also has some therapeutic effects. It is a perfect anti-oxidant herbal tea, which also helps the immune system to fight off and discharge free radicals. Multiple studies have shown that drinking moderate amount of green tea on regular basis significantly reduces the risk of multiple types of cancer. Aside from all its health benefits, having a cup of green tea can be quite soothing, refreshing and relaxing.

7. Dandelion

Dandelion Root - Most Powerful Herbs

Dandelion Root – Most Powerful Herbs

Dandelion root is a nutritious herb, which is full of vitamins and minerals. Dandelion leaves can also be eaten as it is, or combined in a salad for their health benefit, one of which is in treating hepatitis and it is also good for people who are suffering urinary tract infection. Dandelion is another great herb for weight loss, by providing  more energy to burn off the extra calories.

6. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera - Most Powerful Herbs

Aloe Vera – Most Powerful Herbs

Although Aloe Vera may not truly qualify as a “herb” it has wonderful benefits and almost everyone has heard of it. Aloe Vera improves digestion and cleanses the digestive tract, it boost the immune system and has special pain relieve and inflammation reduction properties. Aloe Vera is also a very good source of topical antibacterial ointment and applying it directing on open wounds and cuts can quicken the process of healing. However, it has slightly a bitter in taste for consumption, you can use aloe vera juice as an additional supplement in your diet meal or drinks by mixing it with any fruit juice or smoothie.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile Tea - Most Healthy Herbs

Chamomile Tea – Most Healthy Herbs

Chamomile belongs to the sunflower family of plants and is known to significantly help to reduce stress and promotes lose weight. Some of the greatest benefits of chamomile tea are known for its ability to provide a good night of sleep (to fight insomnia), it can help ease female menstrual cramps and has been known fight cold and flu as well as cancer and managing diabetes.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon - Top 10 Best Herbs

Cinnamon – Top 10 Best Herbs

Cinnamon is an anciently popular spice. Today it is more often used on breads and coffee and other variety of sweets to give them a tasty twist. The health benefits of Cinnamon are numerous and are recognized globally. It can reduce high blood sugar levels by aiding the production of insulin. Patients who are diabetic and prone to heart disease should take in cinnamon regularly for a better glucose metabolism. Combination of honey and cinnamon has historically been used to treat male infertility and promote sperm production.

3. Garlic

Garlic - Most Healthy Herbs

Garlic – Most Healthy Herbs

You know what they say about garlic: “You sleep well, but you sleep alone.” Aside from aiding a good night sleep garlic is well-known for its variety of other benefits. It is among the basic but nutritional herbs used to give our food good taste and aroma, while as it helps to detoxify the body a great deal. Garlic has been proven to fight infections, and promote a significantly healthier immune system by helping the body to produce healthy white blood cells. Consumption of fresh garlic has shown to reduce the risk of cancers significantly and it also a good source to strength the body against environmental allergy and its symptoms.

2. Ginseng

Ginseng - Most Healthy Herbs

Ginseng – Most Healthy Herbs

Historically speaking many Ancient cultures have used ginseng for its nutritional benefits. Even today this is true and in a large part in the eastern countries, namely China, whose people will attest to the miraculous benefits of ginseng. However, its benefits have been recently discovered by the general population in Europe and North America. This powerful herb lowers blood glucose, controls blood pressure, reduces stress, relieves headache, fights colds, cleanses the liver and strengthens the immune system. It also works as an energy and stamina provider for those who run out of energy quickly at work or during workouts. It has also historically been used for easing menstrual and even childbirth pain in women.

1. Ginger

Ginger - Most Healthy Herbs

Ginger – Most Healthy Herbs

We have only decided to put Ginger over Ginseng simply because it is more well-known, popular and more readily available. Ginger has plenty of health benefits and advantages. Much like ginseng, it is a powerful antioxidant and a protector of the body against many diseases. Ginger consumption can also help reduce migraine, motion sickness, morning sickness. It can provide relief from perpetual heartburn and is known to be a potent anti-cancer herb.

These herbs are used in many different alternative medicine treatments. Remember to add and include these top 10 powerful herbs shown above to your daily intake and you can be sure that you will significantly reduce your chances of visiting a doctor for a long time. Also don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family.

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