Top 10 Tips on How to Organize Your Closet – Clean Out the Closet Step by Step

A lot of people try to clean their house thoroughly at least once a year during spring cleaning but when it comes to organizing a closet most of us have a hard. We clean, fold and organize but in no less than a week the closet is a mess again. If you need some tips to do more than just dusting and tidying up your closet, then you are at the right place because by the end of this article your will learn the top 10 ideas on how to organize your closet.

Top 10 Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

Top 10 Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

10. Give Yourself the Time Needed to Clean

Clock-RunningOne of the reasons why most closets get messy soon again is because they were not organized thoroughly in the first place. The cleaning process could take a full day so let it be the whole day. The first step is to designate a time to get it all done without any form of cutting corners or distraction. Unfortunately most people easily become distracted when cleaning out their closet simply because they come across interesting belongings they had forgotten about. So if you are serious about cleaning your closet, what you need to do is set a good amount of time (depends on the job), put on your favorite music and stay focused.

9. Remove Everything out of the Closet

How to Organize Your Closet - 2Take out all the items and strip down the closet; this means every piece of clothing, purse, books and shoes until you see your closet walls naked from top to bottom. You could start with the folded items and drawers and then move to the hanging items. When you take everything out, do not throw them in one big pile but instead try to organize them in similar groups item as you take them out; this makes it a lot easier to organize for the next step.

8. To Keep or Not to Keep: How to Decide

How to Organize Your ClosetNow you have to go through your items and decide on the million dollar question: to keep or not to keep? Get a bin and fold and place all the clothing that you do not want to wear or keep anymore. A lot of the times people have a hard time deciding whether they should keep a piece of clothing or not. A good rule of thumb to get around this dilemma is that if you have not used it over a year then it has got to go out of the closet. After you have separated the “Not to Keep” items, see if they are in decent enough condition to be donated to charity, if they are on the really expensive side of your purchases then you can always sell them to make some money online (see item 7) otherwise you can always use them as rags.

7. Clean, Wash and Dry the Keepers

How to organize your closetSo you want to know how to organize your closet the easy way right? but remember this you cannot escape the cleaning part; you have to clean first to organize. After removing all the items you are now left with your closet completely bare, which you might not have seen in like that in years. What you need to do is to see if any of the your items need cleaning; any dirty cloths should go right into the laundry basket, dirty shoes are to be wiped and waxed and whatever needs to go to the dry cleaners should go to a separated bin. Then Iron, fold and get all items cleaned up and ready. You will probably have to do the biggest laundry in years, but once you are done re-organizing and cleaning you will appreciate the new look and the fresh smell in your closet.

6. Pack Most Infrequently Used Items – Out of the Closet

Organize Closet TipsPurchase a few closet boxes and start folding and boxing out of season clothing items or the ones that are less often used. If you have a smaller size closet you can always place your clothing boxes in another location around your home; for example see if they will fit under your bed. Removing out of season clothing from your closet is a great way to de-clutter and reduce the items you have to organize; less headache for you.

5. Dust, Vacuum and Clean Your closet

Clean and Organize Your Closet Before starting to put clothing items back into your little room, you need to ensure that the closet is cleaned up as well. Start from the top of the closed and work your way down; that means wiping down from the highest shelves. Wipe down all hanging rods, shelves and any other storage area. Use a soft damp cloth to clean out the inside of drawers. Once you are done with the shelves start cleaning the floor. If your closet has hardwood flooring, you need to clean it thoroughly by sweeping or vacuuming and them mopping corner to corner. If you have rug or a carpet, try to use a carpet cleaner and condition after.

4. Evaluate Closet Space

Measuing the ClosetAfter cleaning the closet thoroughly, you must get everything organized neatly. But before that you should start evaluating the space available to see what you need to add in order to maximize your storage area. Shelving criteria is different from closet to closet and person to person because it really depends on available space and the amount items. You need to assess these factors and add shelves, hanging rods or drawers as necessary. You can also invest in closet organizers such as adhesive hooks, hangers, storage cubes, shoes organizer or rack, hamper and so on, which will make your task a lot easier.

3. Use Your Closet Door

Organize Closet DoorMost people forget about what a great organizing tool the closet can be. If you have limited closet space start looking into how you can utilize the inside of your closet door to hide away and organize more items. There are literary hundreds of closet door organizers you can select based on your needs. If you have a lot of shoes you can get a shoe organizer for your door, if you have a lot of cloths to hang why not get fixed hooks with which you can place more clothes on the inside of your door.

2. Set up the Closet Fixtures

Shelves for Organizing ClothsIf you are adding any new fixtures to the closet, you should set them up before organizing your clothing items. It may that you want to install more shelves or drawers for clothes and linens that’s OK as long as you do not put shelves all over. You need to have a good balance of shelves and hanging rods from wall to wall. If you are not sure about using permanent shelving look into plastic removable bins for seasonal items; hangers for purses or hanging racks for shoes. Don’t forget the hamper for the dirty clothes and linen.

1. Keep it Organized: How to Organize Your Closet

How to Organize Your Closet TipsKeeping your closet organized is one of the best ways to have your closet tidy and clean all the time. That organizing items in different zones where you can quickly refer to browse through, pick and put back. The best way to do this is arrange the items based on their functions. This will not only create a pleasing aesthetic, but also make it easier for you to find everyday items.  The most important part is that you should remember to place your items back exactly where you picked up from. Do not give yourself the convenience of being messy again by throwing your cloths in and around your closet or saying that you will put them back later. Organize and keep organize every time and always.

Hope you have enjoyed our top 10 Tips on how to organize your closet in simple steps, now it’s time to go ahead and put it to action and also please do not forget to share this article around with friends and family.


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