Top 10 Ways on How to Make Someone Tell the Truth

So you want to know how to make someone tell the truth? If you’re a Jim Carrey fan you might remember one of his older and most amusing moviesLiar, Liar.’ The movie’s premise was that his adorable son, tired of his dad lying about nearly everything, made a birthday wish that his dad would be unable to lie for a full 24 hours. The movie was a box office hit not only for its witty one liners, but also because it hit home with general audiences and the importance of telling the truth. No one likes a liar and we all secretly wish we could make a similar wish at times and have people tell us the truth.

How to Make Someone Tell the Truth

How to Make Someone Tell the Truth

How to Make Someone Tell the Truth

If you happen to be lied to more often than not, then you would like to find that the secret ways of finding out if that special someone is telling you the truth. Don’t worry, we can show you some of the top 10 methods to get a less than honest person give up the goods. Here are the top 10 ways on how to make someone tell the truth.

10. Get Physically Closer

Studies have shown and it has been proven by language and behavioral analysts that people are less likely to lie if you are within close proximity to them. By giving a lot of space in between you and the suspected liar, it gives them a false sense of protection, their subconscious mind starts to believe that they can hide minor expressions that may reveals they are lying. This doesn’t mean to sit on top of them or stand in such as way that is physically abusing, which can have adverse effects and seen as intimidating or threatening. Instead, position yourself about a foot or two away from them, face up to them composed and confident, one foot forward with your hands at rest but avoid crossing your arms. These are open body positions, which show that you are relaxed but alert and direct and you want the other person to be more honest with you.

9. Confront with Confidence

Nothing will make a liar more unnerved than a simple confident confrontation. Since many people are afraid of confrontation chances are the person who is lying to you has done it before and probably feels like they can get away with it since others haven’t called him or her out on their deceits. Generally one can disarm a liar by merely pointing out areas where their story begins to crumble and even better if you re-iterate key points as to why their story isn’t adding up. The key to do this flawlessly is with pure confidence. Don’t back down but at the same time don’t be over argumentative.  Merely express why you believe the person is lying and back up your claim with solid evidence can slow build up to their confession.

8. Keep Your Eye contact

It is much harder for anyone to tell a straight out lie if you are looking them directly in their face and in their eyes. When someone makes eye contact with us it signifies strength, respect, and liars will have a hard time deceiving someone who they feel not only should be admired but deserves respect. Therefore, never turn your back on someone who you suspect is being untruthful. It only makes their lying easier.

7. Reassure Truth Will Not Change Anything

People who lie do so for a myriad of reasons, which are not of concern of here. Your objective is to get to the heart of the matter. By convincing the suspected liar that regardless of what they have to tell you nothing will change once the truth is revealed; this way they are often more willing to clean up and spill the beans. Liars do not want to deal with the consequences or repercussions that may follow the truth and this only convinces them further to continue their charade, if they truly believe that they will not compromise anything. This technique is used over and over by the police to get criminal suspects to turn themselves in.

6. Ask to Repeat the Story

Usually this works best if you allow a little time lapse after your last pursuit. Even great liars have a hard time keeping their stories together and straight; especially if time has gone by. If you suspect someone is lying and want to make them tell you the truth, aim to write or record all the pivotal details. Later when you ask them to tell the story or their explanation again, they are likely to change or alter those details and at that point you have proof of contradicting statements. Once they realize they have flubbed up their details, they are likely to tell you the truth of what really happened.

How to Make Someone Tell the Truth

5. Ultimatums

In the middle of our list of top 10 ways how to make someone tell the truth sits the threat of ultimatums. Though rarely ultimatums are a good thing, depending on what the person is being dishonest about it may be the only way to convince them that telling the truth is the only right thing to do. This method should only be used when you are almost certain that the other person is lying and you have facts to back it, otherwise it could backfire and you could cause more damage than good in the long run. In severe matters such as being unfaithful, an ultimatum may be the only tactic that will convince them to be truthful. Fear of losing something is often enough to provoke people to be truthful.

4. Convincing You Are Aware

Anyone will have a hard time continuing to lie if they believe you already know the truth and you are simply waiting to hear it from them. This can be tricky as you have to know some of the details in order to convince them that you know; even if you don’t. By confidently stating in short with direct sentences some facts about the case (or convincing them of said facts) you are giving them no choice but to come clean. Most liars have fear of being perceived as deceitful (even though they are), so if they think for a moment you already know they are more likely to turn the page on themselves sooner rather than later.

3. Pretending You Don’t Care

A lot of times the more pressure and emphasis you put on a person to tell you the truth the more they will resist. The power of negative psychology could come to your help if you know how to use it correctly.  You have to know your suspect well and if you feel that this work, you could down play the importance of whether they are telling you the truth or not. When some people sense that you have already made up your mind regardless of them lying to you or not they could end up telling you the truth.  If you can control your emotions and down play the importance of finding ever thing out, this could be a great way on how to make someone tell you the truth.

2. Bust Liars with Bust Liars

How about using a Lie Detector to find out if that someone is telling you the truth or now? But the problem is very few of us are former FBI agents to have access to a that magic machine. Having said that there are proven in-depth techniques, which almost anyone can use to find out if someone is lying to them or not. Using the same techniques you can later the squeeze the truth out of them. Bust Liars is known to be an informative source that can teach you exactly how find out if someone is lying to you and later get them tell you the truth.

1. Leave Future Options Open: How to Make Someone Tell the Truth

Sometimes people’s lies can devastate us and with good reason. Often when they come clean our first response is to lash out, blame and shame that very person, but this is not the road that is most constructive when you finally make someone tell the truth. The reason is that should you want to get the truth out of the same person on another occasion, your trust and credibility will be literally lost. If you innately attack someone once they have told you the truth or judge them too harshly, the next time around they will be more likely to lie again so they don’t have to face the consequences and believe it or not this time around it will be much harder to get it out of them.

Getting someone to tell you the truth may seem like a hard task at first, but with the right type of approach and using the right behavioral techniques people are surprised at the amazing results they accomplish with almost anyone. If you have enjoyed this list remember to share it with those truth seekers who may find it useful.

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