Top Careers in the US: Top 10 Best Jobs

The search for top careers in the US is quite beneficial for young Americans who are in the process of choosing the right field that is both enjoyable and financially rewarding. Careers and the job trends have changed quite a bit around the world and in the US and it is never too early to start going through some of the top careers in the US and begin to think about selecting the right one that will not only grow but prosper in the future.

Top Careers in the US

Top Careers in the US

Top Careers in the US

There are many career fields that offer exciting employment opportunities for both today and tomorrow. The search for a sustainable career in the most parts of the United States may not look too hopeful and exciting but today (not tomorrow) is the right time to start the search for your dream career, even if you have been in the working industry for a while. Below is an overview of top 10 careers in the US that are expected to grow, therefore let’s start looking at them from number 10 and work our way to the number 1 jobs that are predicted to be the best career choices over the long run.

1. Law Enforcement

Nowadays, the demands for legal services are rising at a higher rate. There seems to be a need to for more legal and law enforcing work force throughout the US. Historically speaking the need for more legal authorities has shown a higher growth rate in societies where advancement of technology and changes to the general lifestyle of the population have become more prevalent; as more and more people will have to resolve legal issues through higher authorities. For this reason, there is a need for more paralegals, attorneys, judges, laywers as well as legal assistance to fill one of the biggest job market booms in the US.

2.Tourism Services

Tourism is definitely one of the top careers in the U. Previously we listed some of the top 10 travel destinations in the US that attract millions of people domestically and internationally on yearly basis. This flourishing industry requires fresh work forces for restaurants, hotel management, travel planning, retail work, culinary as well as transportation services. The demand for high skilled chefs cannot be ignored, since good food is a large portion of a tourist’s experience.

3. Science and Technology

Science fields are only amongst the top careers in the US but also globally. Scientific advancements in many fields such as oceanography, chemistry, robotics and medicine are expected to grow at a higher rate. As scientific fields and demands are now requiring higher educations, the expectations and the eligibility of criteria for these careers are also growing.

4. Architecture and Civil Engineering

With advancement of engineering and growth of population in the urban areas and the expansion of cities, there are more demands for more sophisticated architectural and civil ingenuity. Today, planning, designing and building roads, bridges, buildings and civil systems have become more sophisticated in functionality and more complicated in design and incorporation into the existing design and environment. Although computer aided designs in most of cases have eased the process, there is growing demand in this career field that can face the new challenges.

5. Business, Management and Finance

In the middle of our top 10 careers in the US sits business and finance. As corporations go a notch higher in managing their cash, workforce and investments, there need for quality managers, supervisors and planners with a good vision for the future is also raise. Institutions and corporation are demanding more from their employees and qualified managers who can achieve just that are going to be compensated well. Good or bad that is just the nature and the trend of business growth of many companies today. The managerial industry is has become very lucrative and is always looking for young but experienced workforce. More sophisticated and focused financial sectors for corporations is become a must in today’s industry, while consultancy and insurance industries have also become a hot field in which many people will be hired in.

6. Trade and Transportation

Trade does not exist without proper framework in the transport industry and the world market today is taking full advantage of both to grow. Unlike in the old days, there are now so many methods of transportation that are facilitating trade between companies and countries. The transportation sector is growing globally at higher rate while the trade industry – import and export – has gained a substantial step forward.

7. Communications and Entertainment Industry

One of the ever growing top careers in the US is has been the communications industry, which has shown a steady growth in the past few decades, which has contributed nearly half a trillion dollars to the American industry over the past decade alone. Communication industry comprises of producing and distributing material that is report, educate and entertain the general public. Career fields such as TV production, copywriting, broadcasting, graphic designs and have now given birth to higher demands in the work force.

8. Education

As the population grows, the numbers of pre-school and secondary school students also increase with time. There is now a need for paraprofessionals which are going to work and cover the massive influx of students in school and higher educations. Although in these careers are expected, it is predicated that more and more professionals are going to be hired in these field, who have lesser education qualifications than their predecessors.

9. Health Care

Baby boomers are now in an age where they need care, especially Medicare and with the raising population, therefore the demand for health care professionals is also growing. This has created room in the health care industry for a foreseeable future. There is always needs for different medical practitioners, from nurses to chiropractors, while health costs have also seen a rise.

10. Computers and Internet: Top Careers in the US

As the number one on the list of top careers in the US, computer and online advancements in American and the world not only on high demands and growing substantially but also quite rewarding both financially and emotionally. Thanks to various inventions and advancements in speed and functionality of the internet and telecommunications, millions of people have even started to generate a significant income from the conform of their homes. Online technology has become one of the hottest careers that have provided millions of people with well-paid careers. Computer and information technology have been expanding rapidly not to mention the smart-phones and smart tablets productions, which have and will continue to provide many people sustainable careers.

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