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  • treedp

    Why isn’t H1N1 on the top ten list? This list proves that more people die of the listed causes, and these should be the focus of research, not all the hype that is recently centering on H1N1…

    • http://none Hunter Saylor

      I so agree with that. H1N1 should also be added with the diseases. Another thing they should have added was the black plague from 13th century Europe.

  • FallOutGirl

    H1N1 was a big deal but it didn’t kill nearly as many people as most diseases. this list is about facts not your opinion. also, I’m pretty sure the list is top 10 disease for current times. not the 13th century, because all though the black plague was terrible, we can’t do anything about that now, can we? what’s in the past is in the past.

    • Admin

      Hi FallOutGirl,

      Thanks for your comment, which is exactly correct. The list is not about people’s opinions, its about FACTS.

      Although H1N1was a huge pandemic, it did not kill nearly as many people as other diseases, which are still taking more lives.

      Also to your other comment about diseases in history like the Black plague, we do not have exact data to support and justify their top 10 positions. We only have estimates, that is why this list only includes the diseases that have taken most lives for which we have sufficient proving numbers and documents.

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  • Lisa Marie Furtado

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  • Perberts

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  • RusteeAB43 .

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