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  • treedp

    What a surprise… United States appears 6 times in the top 10 military producers. If only the tax payers knew this is where their money is going. All this money spent on arms and military could feed Africa for 1000 + years. A sad world it is…

    • admin

      That is right!
      and they also hold 7 positions in the top 10 list of arms and weapons manufacturers.

      Unfortunately as you said it is a sad world. Some countries feed the world with massive weapon and arms goods for billions of dollars and then complain about the resulting terrorism.

      The money that could be to used to build schools, hospitals, roads and feed the hungry children….

      oh no wait they are the same countries that warn us about earth’s “over population”!

  • Simon

    Shocking statistics on the cost of death and destruction.This money could irrigate the deserts of the world,provide solar power for much of the planet et al

    • admin


      I wish more people shared your point of view, then the world would/could have been a better place for all.

  • briancollinssr

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    • Josh


      Are you sure you know how to type? or what it is that you are saying or asking.

      None of your sentences make sense…

      • Admin


        I wish I too knew what he’s talking about.

      • babadush

        wow and he put his address online. nice smart guy

    • Jason Stray Cat Williams

      say what?!

  • Terminator X

    Ok admittedly yes the world is sad, and I will also agree the statistics are shocking, but unless the US spends this kind of money and keeps itself ahead of the likes of China and Russia, we will all be taken over and turned into communists. How sad would you all be then. Just in case you didnt know 80% of your taxes in the US is spent on arms.

    • Tim Shostak

      LMAO, Nice joke.

    • Jason Stray Cat Williams

      that may be one of the most retarded things i’ve ever read

  • Ajith

    senceless!! pls avoid reading above..Shit headed !

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  • Xooch

    All of your comments make no sense.

  • babadush

    oh look they are mostly US. What a suprise

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