Top iPhone Note Taking App with Folders, Sorting and Searchable Content | Top 4 Picks

What is the best iPhone note app that has folders, allows sorting, searching, web syncing, has password protection and changeable font size and color? Well, I have tried a number of iPhone note applications to organize and save my notes on my new iPhone 3GS.  I still have not found a perfect iPhone notes app that offers all of the features that I am looking for. However, after searching for the perfect app, I did find one that is the  closest to what I view as perfect and fits best for my note taking needs.

Best iPhone Note Taking Apps

As mentioned, what I regard as a complete iPhone note app is one that includes folders, subfolders, searchable content, sorting by name or date, an application that is password secured, one that offers different font formats and colors and can be synced through the web.

Below are list of the best iPhone note taking apps that offer these; but the problem is not all of them have it all.

Lets start with the best iPhone note taking app – which I use now:

1. Daily Tracker:

It has almost everything I wanted in an iPhone note app.

What Daily Tracker has:

  • Folders and Subfolders
  • Searchable content
  • Rotation keyboard
  • Sorting by date, name and color of folder
  • Password protection
  • Google Docs back up
  • Change font size
iPhone Note App - Daily Tracker

iPhone Note App - Daily Tracker

What Daily Tracker lacks:

  • No option to change font style or colors
  • A decent price. Daily tracker is being offered for $9.99, which is
  • Daily Tracker – the name – does not do justice to the application.

To my experience Daily Tracker is the best and most complete note tacking app that has been so far offered for the iPhone users even though there is no indication of “Note” in the name; and there should be.


Daily Tracker has a mini budgeting and tracking function that you can set for anything you like. You can create tracking files to monitor spending money on gas, groceries, your medication, income or even the time you spend exercising at the gym.

You can add voice memos, pictures or maps to each document.

You can create “to do lists” for groceries and much more.

Daily tracker surprising has an RSS reader you can set it up for any site you prefer.

Daily Tracker scores: 9/10

For more info see here

2. Simplenote

  • Just as its name implies Simplenote is very simple; (I can’t say that’s a good thing for me but I guess for some it is.)
  • It has Searchable content
  • Easy to read and rich font
  • Keyboard and text rotation
  • Web syncing (*corrected)
  • Sorting by Modification, date, and alphabetical (*corrected)
  • Emailing notes
  • and it’s FREE

What Simplenotes lacks :

  • No Folders and Subfolders
  • No Password protection
  • No Web syncing
  • No changing font style or size

Simplenote scores: 7/10

For more info see here

3. Evernote:

  • Searchable content
  • Easy to read and rich font
  • Keyboard and text rotation
  • Emailing notes

What Evernote lacks other important features:

  • No Folders and Subfolders
  • No Sorting by date, name and color of folder
  • No Password protection
  • No Web syncing
  • No changing font style or size
iPhone Note App - Evernote

iPhone Note App - Evernote


One really cool feature Evernote has is that it keeps a history of where you take each one of your note through the iPhone GPS. You can see your previous notes as well as the exact place they were written down: ideal for traveling.

Evernote scores: 6/10

For more info see here

4. Notes (the original iPhone note app)

  • What I like about the original iPhone Note, which I used a lot with the older 2G version of the iPhone, is its easy to read and rich font style and easy-on-eye font color.
  • It has searchable content
  • Rotating keyboard and text

What it really lacks (and for the original iPhone note app it lacks a lot):

  • No folders and Subfolders
  • No sorting by date, name and color of folder
  • No password protection
  • No web syncing
  • No change font size

Notes (the original iPhone note app) scores: 5/10

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  • Michael Johnston

    Greetings! I’m a Simplenote developer. Thanks for including us on your list even though Simplenote is not quite what you’re looking for yet.

    I wanted to point out that Simplenote does indeed have web syncing. It’s probably the biggest reason people use it, actually. The syncing happens automatically and wirelessly, and it works with our web app and a variety of desktop apps, like Notational Velocity, JustNotes, Nottingham and DashNote.

    Simplenote also has sorting by name, creation date, or modification date. But no sorting by folders since we don’t have those yet.

    We appreciate reading about what’s important to you. Perhaps you can give the next major version of Simplenote another try when it’s released, since it will include a lot of the features on your list.

    • Admin

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comment, I did made the necessary changes to reflect your comment, however, I still think Daily Tracker comes on the top.

      But cannot wait to see your the new version of Simplenote.

      Good luck with the development and making it perfect.


    you should check out fliq notes from mark|space missing sync:

  • Stew

    Your Evernote mini-review has some mistakes in it. As a long-time user, they were easy to spot.

    Evernote absolutely allows syncing to the web, back to their main site, as well as syncing to the desktop application (PC or Mac). That’s one of their biggest strengths, that you can access your data from everywhere.

    It supports folders, which they call notebooks. Create as many as you want, share some publicly with selected users. Limit searches to just that folder, etc.

    Text created on the web or PC/Mac applications supports changing font sizes.

    It also supports creating notes from pictures in the iPhone Camera Roll and from a webcam on the PC client. Additionally, there’s a FireFox addon that lets you clip web pages directly into your notebooks, plus you can email notes to a special email account, which will save to your desired notebook. I use the email feature all the time to save important documents, photos, web addresses, etc.

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  • James

    An app called FieldNotesPro came out last month:

    Pretty cool app. I use it when I’m out in the field taking notes for engineering. It lets you attach geolocation to your notes and export as PDF or Google Earth KMZ files. Might not be as good as your mentioned apps for everyday notetaking, but it offers a lot of nice features for people in engineering or geology. You can record photos, audio, and video and hook up to FTP or DropBox as well.

  • Jdferag

    DailyTracker is great in many ways, and it’s one of the only notes apps that allows subfolders. The problem is though, that when you sync your notes to Google Docs, your folder STRUCTURE does not sync. When you sync a folder structure to Google Docs it will sync your folders, but in Google Docs your folder structure will become flat.

  • TheeGooch

    These are glaringly incorrect statements about Evernote –
    No Folders and Subfolders – Notebooks are folders. But no sub-notebooks
    No Web syncing – sync with your Evernote account.

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  • Mikemike26ny

    Crap You Can’t Forget is by far the best note taking app I’ve come across. It’s loaded with features and has a comical twist to it.