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  • Top 10s Top

    Lots of track back her but no comments… :)

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  • Palmerchris1738

    what about the mako???
    I’ve read they’ve been clocked over 70

  • longz

    The Mako is the fastest shark in the ocean, and is much faster then the blue shark

  • Top 10 Lists

    where is the mako?? i heard it is faster than the sailfish and is the fastest fish!

  • J.

    Shortfin Mako and Swordfish? The Swordfish can hit 97 KM/H, making it the second fastest bony fish.

  • Goodie6969

    The Black marlin is by far the quickest fish. It has been clocked doing 80mph!

  • God

    tnx. nice info

  • Emansantoyo


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  • Jason ingram

    Yeah this isn’t accurate at all Bluefin Tuna swim up to 60mph and grow well over 400lbs. I have a picture of a 618lb Bluefin. Not to mention they left out the Mako Shark.

    • yourrealdad

      You dumb fuck. It says 400 kilo grams. That’s 882lbs. Learn to read lame

  • jarmarcus

    actually i think you will find the, slippery gold cocksmith is the fastest it has been clocked at 94mph

  • Mort

    Get someone to edit your stories for you, and people might actually think you are smart. Sharks rarely, if ever, “excrete” energy. And in writing about the Striped Marlin: ” It is large commercial and popular in fishing caught at record weights of nearly 190 kg and lengths of up to 4.2 meters.” I am not sure what “large commercial” means. “Illusive” is not a word…the Swordfish writeup has a couple of non-sentences. Take an English course, please…

    • Top 10s Top

      That’s why we need people like you (without a life) to proof read the articles… Thanks.

    • MS

      Illusive is a word, it’s just different than elusive.

  • 1

    Mako should be 2nd place at 60 mph

  • ggghgjhiujkhbubhj

    the mako shark is definitely the fastest SHARK

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  • jman7070

    What about the black marlin? can hit speeds of 80 or so mph.

  • ferdinand_dti

    They only differ in looks but they are all “called the same” – STRIPED MARLIN