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  • Ethan Knowlton

    This list is bogus. You just picked medium to large size dogs and said they could be dangerous.

  • Conner Bonner

    What about wolves? Are wolves dangerous? I think……. uh yes

  • Marit

    This is some fucking bullshit!
    How many malamutes have bitten anyone in US?
    If you look at the numbers, its the GOLDEN who bite most people.
    And the Husky? You would not find any kinder dog, who loves his owners, and children…

  • Marit

    And, one more, the great dane , WHY THE FUCK was it on this ” Top 10″ list?
    It say alot about you, just sayn…

  • anna

    I don’t know who made this list but when you put a boxer on the list, it proved you are crazy! I have 2 and I got them when my kids were little. My baby would crawl up between them and the 3 of them would nap together. This list is crap!!! Boxers are GREAT with kids and people in general.

    • Irelandgirl58

      One of the best dogs I grew up with was a female boxer named Queenie. She loved everyone and if you threw a ball or stick for her you were her bff. She would spend hours playing with us. We would tire out before she would. We had a poodle when I was a kid. Smart dog but she could be mean and really leave you with a nasty bite.

  • Dave

    A large dog is no more likely to be aggressive towards people or other dogs than a small one, in fact they’re in all probability less likely to attack than one of your average day to day ankle biters. You might want to start putting the blame for dog aggression at the right end of the lead.

  • Nikko Reichmann

    Here is a better list. and more true.
    Dachshunds and Chiuahuas have been proven to be the most aggressive
    breeds, but small dog bites are rarely reported. Therefore, most reported bites
    is from pit bull-like dogs.

    Cocker Spaniels
    A surprise entry on this list. Cocker Spaniels are fun-loving,
    playful and good natured pets. They’re one of the most popular dog
    breeds to keep as pets. However, these little dogs are also notorious
    for biting people a lot. A study by Cambridge University brought up
    surprising results- solid coloured cocker spaniels were likely to be
    more aggressive. English Cocker Spaniels also have a higher tendency
    towards owner and stranger directed aggression. In Palm Beach County in
    1992, this breed accounted for 59 bites out of the 2,234 reported.
    Children were the likeliest target of these dogs, with 40% of the
    victims being under ten years of age.

    Real life incident- a cocker spaniel in Wharton bit a 52 year old
    woman on the leg. She suffered from puncture wounds and had to be

    Wolf Hybrids or Wolfdogs
    Since these dogs are hybrids of wolves and dogs, they inherit certain
    primitive, aggressive characteristics of their wolf ancestors. With
    fifteen fatalities in two decades attributed to them, wolfdogs are rated
    fifth in the list of most dangerous dogs according to CDC. Wolfdogs are
    also ‘teethy’ while playing with their owners, which means that they
    often end up biting people unintentionally. Mother dogs bite puppies in
    order to modify their behaviour. What makes wolfdogs bites even more
    dangerous is the fact that there is no approved rabies vaccine for
    wolves, so even a vaccinated wolfdog may transmit rabies if it bites

    Chow Chow
    These dogs are originally from China, where they were used to guard
    houses, work, and as a source of fur. Their teddy bear-like appearance
    hides beneath it some primitive characteristics. Chow Chows are
    naturally unpredictable and often aggressive. In between 1979 and 1998,
    Chow Chows were responsible for eight human fatalities. They are
    especially aggressive towards strangers, and extremely protective of
    their owners. Their high rate of attacking owners and other animals is
    often a result of poor socialization in puppy-hood and incapable owners.
    Some insurance companies even consider them high-risk pets to own.

    The smallest of all known dog breeds and right up there with the most
    vicious of them. These dogs generally grow up to only about ten to
    twelve inches but seem to try very hard to compensate for their small
    size by being extremely aggressive. They are, in fact, not recommended
    for households with small children because of how easily they are easily
    provoked. A 2009 study by The Coalition for Living Safely With Dogs and
    the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association data shows that Chihuahuas
    are most likely to bite their vets, more so than any other breed. The
    shape of a Chihuahua’s teeth- fine and sharp- much like a cat’s ensure
    greater penetration, making the dog’s bite more painful.

    Real life incident(s)- A man in Utah almost lost a finger when his
    neighbors Chihuahua bit him on his middle finger. In another incident,
    a teacup Chihuahua named Molly was designated as officially dangerous
    after she bit a mailman.

    They’re small and cute and even slightly ridiculous. Who would think
    that these adorable little sausage shaped dogs could transform into
    aggressive monsters at times. But studies have shown that one in twelve
    dachshunds have often snapped at or tried to bite their owners. One in
    five have bitten or attempted to bite other dogs or strangers.
    Dachshunds, in fact, have made it to the list of most aggressive dogs
    many times over. A study showed that 20.6% of dachshunds are aggressive
    towards strangers and often lash out at them, more than any other dog
    breed. They are a clear example of why small does not always equate to

    Real life incident- A lady in Illinois Linda Floyd suffered from an
    unpleasant experience when her dachshund Roscoe chewed off her big toe
    while she slept.

  • Dog trainer

    This list was compiled by some one with little or no understanding of dog breeds most of these dogs have never been banned or restricted in any country or even on watch lists. Do some research before putting rubbish like this out on the net.

  • Rose

    You really should get your facts straight before making up a list like this. Pitt Bulls DO NOT have a locking jaw, they have a powerful bite but it DOES NOT lock.

  • Kitty_life

    You forgot 1 dog I have seen on every other list. the Chow Chow. Those things are evil. I know there not the top but there worse then Dalmations actly.

  • Justin Diogenes King

    This list is PURE bullshit!! I have a Presa and know plenty of other Presa owners and outside of a few isolated incidents, with a responsible owner they are amazing family dogs that get along well with other animals if socialized correctly as a puppy!

  • Justin Diogenes King

    Oh and another thing, while you say your list isn’t “to portray dogs as naturally aggressive” just know that when I try to buy/rent a home and they ask about what breed I have, THIS is the BS that pops up when they google it!

  • Baby Rottie

    This list is total and absolute bullshit! Every interaction I have ever had with any of these breeds has been positive, fun, and perfectly safe! It’s the small dogs who are more ill-tempered and likely to bite. I have been bitten by Chihuahuas, Poodles, and Dachshunds more than any other breeds.

  • lauren

    pitbulls are trained to be mean I have a pitbull and gosh they are sooo nice so don’t go say pitbulls are mean