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  • Robert

    I think you’ve not moved the decimal point from 5 on both points.

    Fair enough I’m a sucker for summer rain, cools the world and freshens everything up. That said, give me the sun shine any day.

  • http://None John

    Your measurements in centimeters is moved by one decimal point – it should be 1265 cms and not 126.5 cm for Cherrapunji.

  • Admin

    @Robert and @John

    Thank you for pointing out the error, it was amended.

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  • Cameron

    This is highest rainfall in 24 hours…I would say that’s hardly representative of the rainiest cities in the world. A more accurate reading would be yearly rainfall. These 24 hour totals are weather anomalies.

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  • mr2cam

    I live in Alvin, TX. It doesn’t rain that much. Hell we need more rain.

  • Tjj 2

    I thought Seattle was the rainiest city in the US

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  • EunSeungRi

    funny .. philippines is one of the list .. yeah .. though my country is considered as a tropical country .. baguio is still the coldest place ..

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  • Michael Field

    There are no traffic lights on Aitukaki… no much of anything else. How on earth do you make it a “city” … it is an atoll with a couple of hamlets.

  • Nancy Woo

    I live in Lae, Morobe Cities in Papua New Guinea. This past four months it rained nearly every day and night. We are lucky if we get two full days of sun! It is wet, wet, wet and we have the worst roads!

  • Patrik Josefsson
  • jonholmes

    Smethport, PA..not Smithport

  • marcoa

    I’m living in Valdivia (Chile) and seems to me very rainy, according to wikipedia the rainfall is 2500 mm per year (around 100 inches). Valdivia also got the record of the biggest earthquake ever : 9.5 Richter (1960). Not a luck city!

  • Haider

    That is impossible it means nearly 78mm rain in an hour is it super heavy rain, even heavy rain needs 3 days at least for more than 1800mm rain

  • Tor

    This is actually in one day. In Cilaos this happened 15-16 march 1952. This list is rubbish since it does not say anything about yearly rainfall.

  • Carol

    Mobile, AL, has an annual rainfall of 65 inches. How could you possibly have missed that on your list?

  • Maud Lean

    I’m only happy when it rains.