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No marriage is problem-free; some endure the ups and downs while others, unfortunately, fall to one of the very many reasons for divorce. Before we start, if you are facing some difficult times in your relationship or just want to be proactive and make sure it always thrives we recommend Magic of Making Up program. This program set up by T.W. Jackson has become one of the best and most popular relationships saving solutions, you can try it here.

In many cases not knowing about the causes of divorce or ignoring them jeopardize relationships and when they do become a problem, it is not knowing how to deal with them that become real marriage problems. Below we have listed the top 10 reasons for divorce. However, it should be kept in mind that simply knowing these causes may not necessarily prevent a marriage from breaking apart. Once you do find out the problem, you should work on rectifying the existing problems with some of the top 10 ways to save your marriage.

Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce:


10. Difference in priorities and expectations

Sitting at number 10 on the list of reasons for divorce is the difference in priorities amongst married couples. It may be a self-explanatory issue, which a lot of men and women discuss and anticipate prior to marriage, however, unanticipated matters at times do become major issues for many marriages. The fact is, no matter how much we try to harmonize our priorities, we still remain distinct and different individuals, so the best solution is to meet halfway. Couples who encounter major differences in priorities regarding their lifestyle should sit down and try to come up with a medium and acceptable level of compromise.

9. Addiction

Marriages, families and drug addiction certainly don’t mix well and make favorable grounds for divorce. Addicts not only have degrading effects on his own self-image and their spouses, most often they leave disastrous emotional scars on their children, close relatives, and friends. If a solution to save marriage from addiction is not provided, addiction will turn down everything towards destruction and the more it continues the more destructive it gets in the family. Some of the steps with addiction help can include: identifying the source of addiction, being honest about it and immediately seeking professional counseling intervention. Addiction is one of the most draining causes and reasons for divorce and should be paid immediate professional attention.

8. Child-rearing issues

Have you ever had an argument over who does what in regards to raising your kids? Well, that’s child-rearing and it does cause rifts in many marriages while contributing as one of the major reasons for divorce. Sharing simple responsibilities like changing dirty diapers, reading bedtime stories for kids to taking them to school or soccer games have historically been some of the top 10 causes for divorce. One of the ways to manage this better is to write down responsibilities and share them fairly. Specify who will do what, then start working on them a trial basis; maybe a week, or longer. Of course, you can collectively decide to change or shift responsibility as needed.

7. Religious and cultural strains

As one of the top reasons for divorce, religious and cultural differences usually take a lot of heat. Many times such problems really do not exist at all, but when other factors push the marriage towards its demise religious differences, unfortunately, get thrown into the mix and many times are blamed. Couples usually tend to discuss their differences prior to their marriage but as mentioned before in many cases religion does become a distancing factor.

6. Boredom in marriage

Believe it or not, married couples get bored with each other or the lifestyle they are drawn to. In many cases, boredom can become much more noticeable and intolerable after long years of marriage. While more compatible couples will stay together for life, some couples will eventually grow distant, disinterested, and consequently bored. Couples in this kind of situation should try to celebrate their marriage often and remember the good things and accomplishments that were previously made possible throughout their union. This can help shift the focus from the negatives to the positives. Also, trying new things like traveling, occasionally eating out or planning long-term projects can be good remedies for couples facing boredom, helping them to find a common goal and purpose once again.

5. Sexual incompatibility

Right in the middle of the pack of top 10 reasons for divorce sits the reproductive issues as well as sexual compatibility amongst married couple. In most cases sexual dissatisfaction results in separation and divorce but in a lot of other cases, the problem could be amended simply by being openly honest with each other. The issue of sexual incompatibility, whether it is reproductive incapability or else, varies significantly from case to case. Couples who feel that such issue is affecting their relationship should openly consult professionals who may be able to help.

4. Marital Financial issues

Money or anything related to finances can be a possible cause of disagreement between many people – including couples. Married couples, whether they are happy or not, may have disagreements over little financial issues to much bigger shared financial responsibilities or unequal monetary status. Money may not always be the principal cause but in fact is usually combined with other forms of reasons for divorce. In any case, it is still a significant contributor and should be managed with fairness from both sides, mutual understanding and a tiny dose of compromise.

3. Physical, psychological or emotional abuse

Marriage abuses – from either the husband or the wife – is a big area of concern for many couples. Physical, psychological or emotional abuses come in different forms, which vary from couple to couple and family to family. However, in a short list they include things like telling a spouse that they are unwanted, physical abuse in form of beating, name-calling, ignoring the spouse, restricting the person to a room, emotional or physical terrorizing, monitoring phone calls, forcing spouse to do something they are not comfortable with. Abuse is one of the most common reasons for divorce. It is important for any person who is facing any form of an abuse to seek immediate professional help.

2. Communication breakdown in relationships

In a lot of cases when a marriage is breaking down one or both partners often say “we just cannot communicate” or “we just don’t understand each other.” Some people may think that “communication” in a marriage always means agreeing with each other. So when they are not able to agree then the couple refers to the problem as “communication problem.” This is not true. Good communication is not always about the agreement but when you are in disagreement it most likely means that you are communicating well and clearly stating your position. Couples who have communication problems, which usually lead to divorce and breakdown are not able to find the between the two points of the medium. And once again it is all compromising and finding a balance in between.

1. Marriage Infidelity: top reasons for divorce

Infidelity or more commonly known as “cheating” is on top of the list of reasons for divorce in the US. Most people know what infidelity or cheating is but in more formal terms infidelity is a violation of mutually agreed rules or boundaries that a couple assumes in a relationship. In most marriages, these terms are not mentioned since they are only assumed to be kept and honored by each person. Ironically, it holds the number one reason for divorce in the US and many other countries.

Solutions For Rocky Relationships

We have listed some of the top reasons for divorce that have historically caused separation amongst many married couples and discussed some of the origins and roots of divisions in marriages. If you are facing certain complications in your relationship and do not feel as if there is a way out of it, we advise you to see a marriage counselor. If you are in a situation where you are unable to see one, either because your spouse does not want to or allow you to or you are too shy to discuss your problems openly, then it is advisable that you seek help for your relationship difficulties.